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Support 64Gb Sandisk micro SD problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Duncan69, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. Duncan69

    Duncan69 New Member
    Thread Starter

    Oct 12, 2012
    I bought a 64Gb microSd card and managed to get the Galaxy to format at 64Gb. After transferring files and using up about 40Gb of it, I tried to move some apps over from the phone to the Sd card. All I get is an error that says there isn't sufficient disk space. I have installed Android Assistant too and it reports the card as only 12Gb.
    The Sd card does show up as being 59.36Gb (so correct amount) on the phone's Storage option in the Settings, with 39.21 Gb used, but doesn't show how the space is allocated divided by type.
    Should I find a way to partition the Sd card into 2 x 32 Gb and will it work if I do ?
    Not sure what to do , as I need to move apps over to the Sd card or I'll run out of the internal USB storage space.


  2. khcrazy10

    khcrazy10 Member

    Aug 29, 2011
    The specs page for this phone on Samsung's website shows that the microSD storage is only up to 32 GB... that might be your problem.

    Galaxy SII HD LTE

    This is pretty normal for smartphones as all of the one's I've seen only work with up to 32 GB microSD cards.

    If the phone's only designed to use up to a 32 GB card, then you may be experiencing problems because you've used over 32 GB on your card, and the phone isn't recognizing the remaining storage on your card properly.

    Not sure there's a fix for this as the phone's not designed for 64 GB, but I do think you're rather lucky in this case as your incompatible card seems to be working rather than the phone completely rejecting it cause it's over 32 GB.

    What I'd do if you need more space is use multiple cards with your phone for more storage, or take some stuff off that you don't access as much (like music or photos).

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