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64GB sd card been read incorrectly by some apps

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by FrancisJ, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. FrancisJ

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    I have read that there are fake sd cards out there. i ordered a 64gb class 10 sd card from ebay. Its supposed to be a sandisk ultra card so not any of the cheaper off brands. the phone reads it as 64 gb so does my computer but last nite i downloaded Astro file manager and its reading it has 16gbs. i can access my files on it just fine however it says its 9gb/ 11.0 gb full. At first i thought it was a mistake cus 11gb is exactly what is useable on the phones internal memory. So i decided to download some sd cards tester apps. I got SD Card Tester and SD tools. SD card tester is giving me the same 9gb/11.0 gb and SD tools is giving me 9gb/64gb. which should be the right amount. im currently running test on my computer H2testw ds tester program. but its gonna take 3 hrs.

    anybody else have this problem? Is it a fake or faulty apps.

    OH and also airdroid is reading 3.6/11gb for both sd card and phone storage. Thats total bs cause one thing all the other apps have in common is the amount of data on card. 9gbs. And phone has 3.6gbs on it.

    i contacted the seller they say its a genuine sandisk card and i should contact sandisk if im having problems. Im about ready to file a complaint on ebay. just wanna be sure before i do

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