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7 Hints About Upcoming Android 3.0 Gingerbread

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by BreatheElectro, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. BreatheElectro

    BreatheElectro Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    NextParadigms 7 Hints About Upcoming Android 3.0 Gingerbread

    August 7, 2010


  2. androidized

    androidized Newbie

    The battery life is still an issue. Good news that they are thinking how to fix it and not to deny it like Apple does with the antenna.
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  3. amerinamese

    amerinamese Newbie

    I think that Chrome to phone thing is pretty innovative. I wonder If they will fix this problem with Stagefright. I want to be able to use my Siruis radio app again!
  4. Drhyde

    Drhyde Android Enthusiast

    Well, another article at the bottom was mentioning the SLCD screens HTC will be using now. Article said that SLCD has 5x better power management and look nearly the same as regular AMOLED. It's about 50/50 on the software and the hardware powering it.
  5. ari-free

    ari-free Android Expert

    "With Matias Duarte, the WebOS designer, leading the design team at Android, there’s a high probability that Android Gingerbread will be even more polished and with a better user experience than iPhone’s iOS. WebOS was regarded by a lot of people as a more elegant OS than iOS, and I’m sure Google wants him to create something much better. Google also acquired the BumpTop team in Spring (demo video here), so they might use some of those UI elements, as well. Android 3.0 has the potential to move the mobile experience to the next level."

    Android needs their equivalent of Mac OS X. Combine the latest tech with a lot of focus on aesthetic attention to detail and people will notice.
    The biggest problem with android's UI isn't the 'home' such as launcher, gallery, etc. It's the UI elements used by apps and those can't be skinned with custom UI's or launchers. It's much easier to create a nice looking app for iPhone and nicer looking apps sell better.
  6. BreatheElectro

    BreatheElectro Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  7. ari-free

    ari-free Android Expert

    "They can’t dramatically change the UI every year because that will angry a lot of people. If Android wants to be the Windows of mobile (and more) they need to have a standard UI that everyone can recognize and know how to use."

    This is a big problem for Apple. Their simple wall of icons is such a symbol for the iPhone in the eyes of the public that it will be impossible to change. Android started off by first appealing to techies who were more interested in functionality and flexibility over looks. Android can now put everything together for its public 'face.'
  8. ari-free

    ari-free Android Expert

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  9. Android_J

    Android_J Well-Known Member

    Android is cool in that there are a lot of possibilities. But it severly lacks polish. Everything just feels like beta software, from the actual OS to apps. A phone should not be choppy and laggy on a 1GHz processor and I'm seeing just that on a recently released Samsung Captivate.

    By the time Gingerbread comes out, Windows Phone 7 would have been released as well as the next version of iOS. Gingerbread will have to be top notch. This beta look and feel doesn't cut it now and will not cut it then.
  10. AreikUSA

    AreikUSA Lurker

    Well that's just not far at all. Look at how long windows mobile has been out. Look how long ios has been out compared to android and to call it beta like feel..... look what its doing for how long its been out to its predecessors. Not even far and they already have talk about a new vs coming, they are making strides in making it better fast then all of them.
  11. ari-free

    ari-free Android Expert

    I'm not terribly concerned with WP7 with its ugly baby blue and white icons (the United Nations OS?) that all look the same. Even windows 3.1 had more colorful and interesting icons.
  12. BreatheElectro

    BreatheElectro Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  13. I think with more features and nice design, it will have high at least required for install in handset and also take more battery for runs.
  14. BreatheElectro

    BreatheElectro Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    It cuts it now and it will cut it then. Android is fairly new, it needs time to polish off.

    Lol@ Samsung! I don't get choppiness or lagginess on my 1ghz Nexus One. Smooth as butter.
  15. TDQuiksilver

    TDQuiksilver Well-Known Member

    You do realize that having such an "open source" community brings this upon us, right? The OS itself is very much polished for still being somewhat of an infant.

    The Captivate is laggy due to TouchWiz. Google had nothing to do with that.
  16. Drhyde

    Drhyde Android Enthusiast

    Agreed. TD should check out some of the custom ROMs. Some really dedicated programmers like Cyanogen and others really not only improve the performance, but also the UI polish. In many cases, they not only enhance the UI look in stock, but allow customization outside what Google's releases are. The reality is, the custom ROMs are closer in my mind to what Gingerbread will likely be unless Google is planning on taking it in a completely different direction which might be bad.
  17. Android_J

    Android_J Well-Known Member

    If the laggy/choppy aspect of Android is due to custom launchers, then why does Froyo run smoother than 2.1 (yet still not as fluid as iOS or even WebOS)?

    Why does the Moto Droid, HTC EVO, and other Android devices lag? Are they all bad coders too?

    Why does *the* Google phone, the Nexus One, lag?

    As for Android being "new", that's no excuse to have weak performance. The original iPhone had silky smooth transitions and ran on a meager 620MHz processor underclocked to 412MHz. Every Android phone with a 1GHz chip should run like butter. Period.

    Android is designed by a bunch of engineers with total disregard for UI and human factors. Even Google knows this and Gingerbread is supposed to address this very issue as stated in the interview posted by the OP.
  18. ari-free

    ari-free Android Expert

    No, it has to do with the way the file system was implemented. There's a fix for it that makes it much faster even without froyo. The open source community also brings that upon us.
    Another thing google needs to do is a gpu accelerated UI for android
  19. FahdR

    FahdR Newbie

    Aren't we still waiting for 2.2???
  20. ari-free

    ari-free Android Expert

    oh come on. For years people complained that OS X didn't have "teh snappy." Android is designed by engineers who used to work for Be Inc. They know how to make an OS fast and responsive.
  21. Android_J

    Android_J Well-Known Member

    :thinking: You just said yourself that the lag has to do with the way the file system is implemented and that it doesn't do GPU acceleration. Why was this file system used? Why wasn't GPU acceleration enabled? Like I said, total disregard to human interface. A choppy UI is not cool in 2010.
  22. sydneyc

    sydneyc Lurker

    thanks for these wonderful post...got some good idea about things to expect in future android version
  23. JccageX2

    JccageX2 Member

    Actually looks quite awesome. I'm just worried about which phones are going to be updated, because I doubt some of the best phones out now won't.
  24. ari-free

    ari-free Android Expert

    When android was first developed, many phones didn't have gpu's so a gpu based UI was not appropriate.
    The ext2 lag fix is specific to the galaxy S
  25. Android_J

    Android_J Well-Known Member

    I understand your point. But that was then and this is now. It doesn't really matter how we got here, but we're here in 2010 coming up on 2011 and a choppy UI is unacceptable. Looking on every Android forum it seems like lag is in the top 3 complaints.

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