8" Tablet selection.


Hello! I am looking for an 8" tablet.
I find that I have to zoom in a little on 7" tablets to read magazine pages comfortably and figure that 8" would do nicely without zooming.

I am hesitating between several choices and none of them seems like an obvious win (or an obvious lose - except the Lenovo Yoga which uses a MediaTek CPU)

I would like to pay less than 250$ and I intend to purchase between December 26 and 28 for that reason.

The main purpose would be to read Feedly, magazines, books, watch TV shows/movies/videos and maybe some mild gaming.

The choices before me are:
  • Galaxy Tab 3 8.0
  • Asus MeMo pad 8"
  • Dell Venue 8"

I might also consider going with Windows (either Dell Venue 8 Pro or HP Slate 8 Pro) if someone can confirm that it is easy to access Google Play content (magazines or books) on Windows 8 touch interface.

Thanks for the time!