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Jun 25, 2010
anyone have this working well? i have two different APs (an enterprise class avaya [proxim], and a consumer grade netgear), both with up to date firmware, and the X will not authenticate with either. using WPA-PSK, it will talk to both just fine.

i have several laptops that authenticate just fine through the APs to our windows domain, so i know the radius client/server piece is right. and i used a functioning laptop as a model for the X config.

just more sloppy wifi implementation on the X? i know hidden ssids and .11n networks can be issues as well. we've unhidden our ssid (for the time being), and with non-radius authentication, .11n does not appear to be an issue for us.
I can't get this working either. I enter PEAP as the EAP method, leave other settings as None or N/A (I verified the network does not use certificates).

Under "Identity" I have tried both "domain/user" and "user". Left Anonymous Identity blanks, and entered my network login password in Password.

Still can't connect.
My network has both Cisco Aironet 1142 and 1132 access points online and running. My DX connects perfectly with either of them. Both have hidden SSID's and WPA AES security enabled.

The only issue I've run into is that the DX won't always re-connect to the WiFi when I come back into range. To correct all I need to do is manually go into WiFi settings applet and it re-connects..