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9 Ideas for GREAT Android Apps

Discussion in 'Application Requests' started by hugo, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. hugo

    hugo New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jun 28, 2008

    after thinking a little bit about what android and a great device can do, I came up with the following list of ideas. If you are a developer and like an idea, go at it! (Would be great, if I could beta test... :))

    1) Handset Theft Monitoring

    - This application sends the GPS-position of the device up to an internet portal. The last 2/4/6/24 hours are recorded. In case of a theft of the device, you can view where it was stolen and where the device is/was.

    2) Emergency Call (inkl. Video & Audio)

    - This is an application that you activate before you might get into an emergency situation (i.e. before walking alone through a tunnel). Then you have to press a button (or a finger on the screen...) and as soon as you lift the finger from that button/screen, the device will send an emergency call to a friend/the police and send the current position, sound and video to another device or to an internet portal.

    3) Geo Profile (similar to Locale by Clare Bayley, Carter Jernigan, Christina Wright, Jasper
    -Call Filter

    White list/ Black list certain contacts from contacting you via (phone / VoIP / IM / SMS) depending on your current location.

    -Ring tone

    Set the ring tone depending on your current location and the person calling.

    -Individual message for answering machine

    Set an individual message for different locations.

    -Messaging status

    Set the messaging status automatically, depending on your current location.

    4) Display Location when calling

    - This application would be started everytime there is an incoming call. If another android user is calling, then the other phone could transfer the current position (or situation, like "at work" or "at home",...) to the phone being called. That way, the incoming call could be announced as "Girlfriend calling from work".

    5) Tool to announce arrival

    - This application would be activated by a calendar entry, showing that the phone user has an appointment somewhere (i.e. meeting friends in a town 2 hours away). The application would track the phones position and register that the user is on his way to the appointment (by checking if the user is following the route of google maps to the destination). The phone would keep a status of whether the phone owner will arrive on time or be late. As soon as the user is on his way, the people being visited can check anytime if their friend will arrive on time (communication between the devices via a webpage or IM).

    6) 24h tracking

    - This application would track your positions constantly and save them on a well secured webpage. That way you can later go back to a specific day and find out where you were or view the pictures you took that day and follow the street where you took them. You could add text to certain time stamps or locations and keep a "log" of your life.

    7) Product Wiki (similar to AndroidScan by Jeffrey Sharkey)
    This application would require as input a unique identifyer of a product, i.e. an EAN Number/barcode. This would be used to lookup information about the product/the producing company on a publicly available "product wiki".
    The application would then run the items information through your personal filter and return relevant information to the user,i.e.
    - the item is produced using child labour
    - the item is produced 100% in your home country
    - the item contains gene food
    - the item contains nuts (which you might be allergic against)

    8) Delivery announcement / authorize strangers to localize you

    - This application would need to be closely linked to a web service. You would register with your postal address and link it to your account with that service. After that everyone can request, only by providing your postal address, other contact details of you (i.e. Phone number, IM user,...) or send you a message or request.
    This could be used to keep your contact's contact details up to date or would be very helpfull for deliverys to your home. The logistics company (i.e. DHL) could ask via your address, if someone will be at home between 11am and 1 pm. This way the routes could be optimized, you would get your shipment quicker and the logistics company saves cost.

    9) Swich connection dynamically

    If two users try to contact each other, the phones could check in the background (via am IM connection for example) the preferred contact channel. So when you try to call a friend, the phones could automatically switch to a SIP/VoIP Connection, if both are in reach of a WiFi network, or the IM client could pop up, because the called person is in a meeting, not able to take the phone.


  2. CaseyB

    CaseyB Member

    Jun 27, 2008
    I used an application like Locale for Symbian S60 on my Nokia N95 and I liked it a lot. It was called miniGPS by Psiloc. The biggest problem I had was that it didn't actually use the GPS, it used cell tower triangulation so the areas were pretty large in order to work effectively. I have a couple of apps that I am working on now but I think I would like to try this one a little later.
  3. Myronbg

    Myronbg Well-Known Member

    Nov 15, 2009
    Central Coast, CA
    An application that has all the features as HandyShopper that was developed for the Palm OS
  4. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    Dec 2, 2009
    Network Admin
    Most of those features already exist in apps.

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