A Belated Introduction

Howard Hopkinson

Android Enthusiast
I have been a member here since October last year and have only just realised that I never formally introduced myself tut tut lol.

I got my HTC Desire also in October of last year and I immediately set about finding somewhere where all my questions and concerns would be answered.

I Googled Android Forums and this forum was top of the list. After having a good look around, I decided this was the place for me and how right I was.

Since becoming a member, I have rooted my phone and installed a custom rom or two. This would never have been possible for me without the expert advice of the good folks here, especially SUroot, who's guides and wealth of expertise have helped me and many others tremendously.

My background is in PC's which I build and fix, malware removal being my main area of interest.

I am also the administrator on a couple of forums, though my role is mostly to do with installing mods and software updates, rather than the day to day running of the forums. Currently, both forums are running phpBB3.0.8 software, but I am also familiar with VBulletin allbeit to a lesser degree.

Well there you have it. If you want to know anything else about me, then just ask.

Thanks for reading and a big thankyou to this wonderful community for being here and all the help and advice. :)


Android Expert
Don't feel too bad about the late intro, I have actually never introduced myself in this section.

Welcome to phandroid! (Extra loud, to make up for seven months!)