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A-Box tv

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by ericpad27, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. ericpad27

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    Good morning everyone,

    So I was working at a Home and Patio Show this past weekend and I came across this vendor booth. They are selling this product called The A-Box, its a box that lets you watch all channels and I mean all. For example, Pay per view, live NFL, NHL, MLB and also even movies that was release in theaters after two weeks of it being out, it will be in the box. Does anybody know anything about it or ever heard of it? Could it be a scam? Because it look to good to be true. For it to work you need internet and hook it up to your TV then boom you will have everything on your TV. You wouldn't have to worry about cable bill anymore. There are no annual fees or monthly fees at all. Just one payment and you are set.

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  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

  3. I too also saw them at a Home Show this past weekend. I was curious about them and took one of their pieces of literature. When I got home, I decided to check them out, so I went to their website **mod removed link** and browsed around. I went to video instructions and selected #9 for sports. After listening to the person giving instructions for 2 minutes, I knew that I was not going to give them $249.00 for one of their units. I believe it is a scam. Check their company out on ripoffreport.com/reports.
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  4. Mleissa

    Mleissa Lurker

    I am currently a customer of A box TV and i have now had my box for awhile now. I am very happy with the box and the show quality i receive on it, not to mention if and the few times i did need help because i was not sure of what i was doing i had someone right away to help me. The box is very simple its just about trying something different. I can honestly say i enjoy letting the cable go and using the abox at my convenience and it was worth every penny!
  5. PhxDefender

    PhxDefender Lurker

    BEWARE! WARNING! This sleazeball - Julie Anne Bishop - is selling $50 Android Boxes pre-loaded with Ice Films, ShowBox, and many other illegal free apps for $300 and putting YOU in danger with the MPAA, RIAA, and many copyright lawyers. While watching copyrighted STREAMING material is a MISDEAMONER..



    ... The government is working on making it a FELONY.

    She will claim that Obama and the FCC passed a law allowing all streaming to be free, meanwhile taking your $300 for a $50 Andoid Box with illegal software on it. You as the viewer WILL BE held accountable and SUED by the MPAA, RIAA and any other entities. She goes from Home Show to Home Show across the country selling these boxes with a 1-year warranty claiming FREE HBO, SHOWTIME, PPV, MOVIES, ETC FOR LIFE. As a matter of fact Fast and Furious 7 which just released in movie theatres was just uploaded to ShowBox and gloated about being able to watch it free at the most recent Home Show.

    She is currently being reported to the MPAA, RIAA, and over a dozen copyright lawyers with actual videos of her selling and marketing the product in such a way that you will get FREE movies, PPV, and pay channels, NFL, Baseball and other sport packages for free. It is only a matter of time before she is investigated, shut down, and sued/arrested. Do not fall victim to this scam as they may find your CC payment.

    Do some research people – it’s it’s too good to be true, IT IS. Unfortunately or Fortunately for Julie Bishop, it is only a matter of time before scum like this end up behind bars with millions in restitutions. Don’t be a party to it!
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  6. Sarah Hoge

    Sarah Hoge Lurker

    DO NOT PURCHASE THIS SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We recently purchased the A-Box from a Home and Garden show we attended. We were very excited to learn about this product because we do not use cable and only have internet thru Time Warner. We stream Hulu, Netflix and other streaming devices. We asked the individual hocking this item if it would work for us. He stated that as long as we can stream Netflix we are fine with this product. We were of course thrilled and purchased one.
    They were of course conveniently out of boxes so we had one shipped to our house. The set up was tough but we figured it out. However, we couldn't get anything to stream, it kept buffering or saying it could find anything to stream the move or tv show selected. And when we kind of got it to work the quality was horrible and some movies had Chinese subtitles..I understand that some of this is barely legal but honestly not worth it.

    When we FINALLY was able to speak to someone about the issues we were having she made us run tests to check internet speeds. She ends up telling us that in fact we don't have enough internet speed to run this service and we need to either increase our internet speed or buy a booster.

    We will be asking our credit card company to fight this charge because we feel it was fraudulent. I would not recommend this product to anyone. Save your time and money.

    Unhappy Customer
  7. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations!
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    The only free cheese is in the mousetrap ;)
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  8. handyman454

    handyman454 Lurker

    After doing some simple "Due Diligence" (for those of you who don't understand that big word, it means looking into the venture) it seems odd that people would write that this company, or for that matter, this woman is a operating either a ripoff or illegal service or product.

    Before I begin my Opp/Ed let me clearly state:
    I have no affiliation what so ever with this company or the people involved within it.
    Nor do I have any affiliation with the particular industry.
    Nor do I own this device (yet).
    My comment is what I believe to be strictly factual and un-opinionated and.
    I write these articles (comments) in fairness to the accused and or the accuser

    Business Legitimacy:

    Her business is clearly listed as an LLC (Limited Liability Corp.) and if you start with the assumption that she incorporated in Florida (since her address and sales shows are there, duh) and Google the business you can find her listed with business name, business address, and her personal name.

    If you further Google Florida Incorporation, you will find the Florida Sunbiz website (add a .com after that to get there) where you will find after a brief search, her company listed as "ACTIVE" and her Florida Incorporation number.

    Then if you further, open her company listing, you'll note some interesting things in there.

    1) Her company is fully disclosed and a legitimately recognized, legal corporation of the State of Florida.
    2) Her company is in fact, active as of the date of the publishing of this comment.
    3) Her company was first incorporated 10/29/2014 making it a little under 2 years old.
    4) Her company address. (I admittedly haven’t actually investigated the authenticity of the address)

    What this should tell you is several things.

    1) Her business is a legitimately filed, public Florida Business.
    2) She's not hiding her corporation information from anyone.
    3) She's not disguising her business product (A-Box TV, LLC)
    4) She understands the reason and the credibility for incorporating.
    5) If someone (The FTC perhaps) wanted to find her, it wouldn't be incredibly difficult.
    6) Her public profile makes locating her relatively easy as well.


    If she's the cook selling illegal services why hasn't anyone arrested her?
    It's certainly not because they can't find her.

    Community in general...

    I did a simple Google/ BBB search for her company name and oddly, her company comes up as listed.
    I actually didn’t expect that since it means that either she or someone else, actually took the time and interest required to list it.
    The BBB doesn't ever list any business nor does the state of Florida. That's left up to the business owner or the grieved party wishing to file a complaint on a business that's not listed.
    In addition, while her business isn’t accredited (no big surprise there since you have to pay a whopping fee to the BBB to get them to accredit your business name) her company has a "B" rating...

    "Factors that lowered A-Box TV, LLC's rating include:
    • Length of time business has been operating.
    • 6 complaints filed against business
    Factors that raised A-Box TV, LLC's rating include:
    • Response to 6 complaint(s) filed against business.
    • Resolution of complaint(s) filed against business.
    ... and after two years, only 6 complaints which is amazing to me as my company gathered 6 BOGUS complaints the first week I listed it that were also resolved.
    Incidentally, her 6 complaints were apparently resolved though none took the time to report that.


    If she's a ripoff scam, and if her business is illegal as some would claim, why is she doing so well reputation wise and still free to do it?

    Again. I have no affiliation what so ever with this company or the people involved within it.
    Nor do I have any affiliation with the particular industry.
    Nor do I even own the device.
    My comment is strictly factual and un-opinionated.

    My opinion however (if asked). Is that she should be applauded for her courage, ingenuity, honesty and tenacity as an entrepreneur in the American Business ranks.
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  9. handyman454

    handyman454 Lurker

    Dear Unhappy:
    Guess I would be unhappy too if I had your issue.
    Of course I'd understand from the git go that it's entirely my fault and that you have to have a high speed Internet connection to get ANY streaming content (especially video). If you game online you know that and if you use Hulu, Netflix or Amazon, you know that as well.
    Apparently streaming Android programming has it's own unique speed requirements as well which your current Internet subscription, lacks.

    The simple solution to dropping your monthly Internet TV cost and any additional add on service expenses (like Netflix or Hulu) you might have, which is I imagine what you wanted to do in the first place, is to bump up the speed of your Internet Service.

    [Resulting in a change such as: $85/mo for TV & low speed Internet to $45/mo. for high speed Internet only]

    I imagine that would still keep you below the cost/savings threshold that this service and equipment purports.

    As for Visa/MasterCard refund.
    (I personally hate when I hear people ignorantly throw this threat around)

    Visa and MasterCard typically offer refunds for fraudulent transactions only.
    You're protected if the product or service is illegal, immoral or nonexistent or if no product or service is received after payment is taken.

    Since you agreed and paid for a product and service which is legal and legitimate and moral AND which you in fact, received, that makes the transaction both moral and legal.
    In all probability, you'll be declined the reimbursement since Visa, MasterCard, or for that matter, any other card company are not in the business to protect the ignorant or the "I changed my mind" people of the world.

    If A-Box TV refunds your money, consider it a blessing. They're not required to do that even if it's in writing.
    If the company offers another resolution to your problem, consider that a blessing as well and take it.

    If you made a mistake in your purchase, admit it's your mistake (like those lime green shoes you bought last holiday sale that you just had to have) and simply sell the device online.
    People will line up to buy that box at a discount over retail.

    I would.

    Pay close attention to the spell check feature on your computer for grammar issues next time.
  10. handyman454

    handyman454 Lurker

    What's you point Dude?
    The complaints were all resolved.
    If it matters that it's on the Rip-Off Report website then a lot of really legitimate businesses who are also there, are in deep do-do huh.
    No business can make everyone happy, especially "stupid, intolerant or ignorant" customers so to fix that problem, Ripoff offers a public forum for you to publicly vent how stupid, intolerant and or ignorant you are.
    Problem solved.
  11. handyman454

    handyman454 Lurker

    Probably written by a board of Director for Comcast or Time Warner.

    First off.
    Do you have a personal issue with this woman? Sounds like it.
    This company may be selling $50 Android Boxes but they're not pre-loaded with anything except their software that makes it possible for you to access these entertainment programs.
    You have to access them yourself and the fact is, it's not illegal to do that.

    As for your.
    "many other illegal free apps"
    That's simply not true ether. Apps, in and of themselves, are not illegal. The material you collect through them may be but the app is not. To my knowledge, none of those apps or associated material is illegal. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

    A $300 price tag for this service (or for that matter $200 as I have heard about at various shows) is not out of line when you consider you're paying that amount every year (or 2 yrs whatever) for your current cable service and in fact, can be discounted if you simply ask since she owns the company.

    "putting YOU in danger with the MPAA, RIAA, and many copyright lawyers."

    Is a flat out, emotional fallacy since it's not illegal and...

    "While watching copyrighted STREAMING material is a MISDEAMONER"

    Is again, not correct. The fact of the matter is that downloading to storage and distribution are what makes it illegal and neither of those things take place in this particular venue.

    Now. As For...

    "... The government is working on making it a FELONY."

    Wow! Frightening!

    Guess what Dude. The Government is working on making everything involved in Free Enterprise, a felony.
    Fortunately for America and free enterprise, it fails on most.

    As for "an illegal business"... It's not.

    Your blog even makes that clear when you write "The government is working on making it a FELONY."
    The Key word here is "working". As in, not done yet.
    Your links also prove that as well.

    Bear in mind, the government wants to make paper and metal money illegal and transfer all currency to electronic format (ATM CARDS) thereby making it much easier to track and control our spending (including taxes) and wealth transfers. Hope our great, benevolent and moral Government doesn't manage that.

    Not all that comes from "The Government" is good Dude.

    Now go pop open a beer and sit back and watch old movies on you A-Box without worries.
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  12. handyman454

    handyman454 Lurker

    How do you argue with logic like that.

    If the cheese is in the mouse trap and the trap is in the middle of the parking lot and it's not armed. Seems to me you'd be a fool not to take it.
    Under the current system, you can't arm that particular "mouse trap" because it then violates too many other rights.
    Show me where it says it is definitely illegal and I'll apologetically, retract my commentary.

    By the way...
    There's free cheese at the grocery stores, free cheese at the cheese factories, free cheese at most churches, free cheese at your neighbors house.
    There are a host of places you can find "free cheese".
    Or more specifically, free anything.
  13. Dobb

    Dobb Lurker

    The rebroadcasting of copyrighted materials is 100% illegal. It violates several laws both federal and state, and if you purchase a box from this lady you will most likely receive a demand letter from which ever multi-billion dollar company sues her first (google end user demand letters from DIRECT TV, DISH Network, Comcast, HBO....etc). Some of those demand letters start at $3,500. Just because she is still in business doesn't make it legal, it means she has not made it on to someones radar yet. But by keeping this thread alive we sure are making it easier for someone to find her. A quick search on some other forums show that DIRECT TV, BrightHouse, DISH network, and TimeWarner Cable are all going after the same type of product she is selling. They have already set legal precedent by winning judgments under Title 47 USC 605 (a) and (e)(4) and Public Law 104-304 better known as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, you can look up the actual suits and judgments if you have an account on PACER. Here is a link to the laws where it says it is definitely illegal:
  14. Perry Sarazin

    Perry Sarazin Lurker

    Well i have no affilation with this woman or the laws of copyrighted material in the u.s. but in canada this has a grey area they may change in the future but for now canada laws state as this. It only illegal to download copyrighted material. In the case of any manufacturer of android boxes you are not downloading this content only streaming it and that is absolutely legal here.
    Now the boxes do not have all its capability of the product in it. That is where this lady if she knows what she is doing can make them all that they can be. To me if she is charging extra for this. She is including her service fees in the inflated price. I sell these boxes here and maybe they way she tells it isnt very forthcoming with that info. So i fully tell my customers here is the price of the unit. If they would like it fully loaded they must pay for this service i am giving them. When explained properly any of my customers understood that with a service provided. That service has my fee attached with it. They actually appreciate my honesty and gladly pay for this service i provide.
    Lastly if you dont have a fast internet service or at least a 20/5meg package or better. Yes you will not like the performance of the device. But that isn't because the unit is faulty. Your internet is the issue.
    I hope this can make you feel a little better about your purchase with this woman. In my opinion her price is a little steep compared to others but when purchasing something. It is always your choice to spend that price. You could have easily walked away from the potential sale and waited to see if a better deal is out there. So really you should be upset with yourself not her.
  15. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Movies with Chinese subtitles?! :eek: ZOMG! Game over, man! Game over!
  16. Perry Sarazin

    Perry Sarazin Lurker

    If you are watching streams in hd quality with chinese subtitles you are obviously watching movies that are still in theaters and to get free movies this fast of this quality without paying 20 bucks for popcorn and a pop besides the price of admission. I think that is pretty darn fair trade off as far as i am concerned.
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  17. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Well I'm watching movies in theaters, and they all have Chinese subtitles.

    I'm in China. :) :thumbsupdroid:
  18. Perry Sarazin

    Perry Sarazin Lurker

    Yes but once again you are watching something still in theatres. That means you couldn't even buy the dvd yet. So how can someone complain of a free use of a product that isnt even available for purchase months ahead of time. Yet it is maddening to you to put up with subtitles. I can not understand how you feel upset bye this.
  19. handyman454

    handyman454 Lurker

    Here we are nearly (within days) one year after my initial post on the Android, A-Box, LLC. company.

    What's changed since my original post???

    1) First off, I still do not own an android TV system.
    This only because I'm not thoroughly convinced yet that it will sufficiently meet my simple TV entertainment needs.

    2) Despite the doomsayers claims of impending legislation, nothing has passed making the concept ilegal (who's actually surprised there?) and thus it's still in production.

    3) Ms Andrews product is enjoying it's apparent third year in sales and no one including Ms. Andrews is in jail (who's actually surprised there?).

    4) A-Box, LLC has an apparent "A-" listing with the BBB now.
  20. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    That company might have gotten away with it, but others in other countries might not be so lucky.
    A businessman who sold "fully loaded" set-top boxes to pubs and clubs, enabling them to watch subscription TV for free, must pay £250,000.

    Malcolm Mayes, from Hartlepool, admitted breaching the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act by advertising and selling adapted IPTV boxes.

    The 65-year-old must pay £170,000 costs and an £80,000 Proceeds of Crime Order was imposed by Teesside Crown Court.

    Two 10-month prison sentences were suspended for a year.

    Of course these "fully loaded" boxes may not be usable in the UK or Ireland anyway, due to ISPs blocking the streams, torrents and repos. that these boxes use.

    If using a "fully loaded" box in the United States, it could the user facing possible jail time and huge fines, if caught and convicted.
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  21. handyman454

    handyman454 Lurker

    What's your point here?

    I may be wrong here but it seems to me that this debate is a rather inane.

    I'm guessing that you're in England by your post though your icon appears Japanese making things even more confusing and you're judging the legality of an American product, legally manufactured, sold and used in America, by English (Japanese???) Parliamentary laws which makes absolutely no sense at all.

    First off...
    You want to discuss inane laws? Lets's start with this one...

    "In an effort to reduce any anxiety, the website goes on to point out that any product a British citizen purchases, other than a rape alarm, “must not be a product which is made to cause a person injury. Possession of such a product in public (and in private in specific circumstances) is against the law.”

    "It offers some suggestions, along with a disclaimer. A British citizen may use a squirt bottle filled with a safe but brightly colored dye that may help police find and apprehend a criminal after the attack has been successfully completed. But, says the website, a citizen “should be aware that even a seemingly safe product … would become an offensive weapon [if] it would be used in a way that is intended to cause injury.”

    "And, the disclaimer: “The above advice is given in good faith. You must make your own decision and this website cannot be held responsible for the consequences of the possession, use or misuse of any self defence product," with the exception, of course, of a rape alarm."

    "This is not someone’s idea of a bad joke, or a parody. Readers may verify the veracity on their own by going here: https://www.askthe.police.uk/content/Q589.htm"

    Moving on from there, there's the fact that the A-box is not even power compatible (120V vs 240V) with British electrical system making a jury rig necessary to use it and thereby violating the mfgrs warranty.
    Then, if in fact, England has such laws restricting its use, why would anyone knowingly break them much less whine about it after being caught?
    Then there's the fact that the Better Business Bureau, an American consumer reporting company, isn't interested in and can't take seriously a complaint from a Bristol England complainant by virtue of the totally different laws.
    Then there's the fact that British laws have no bearing on American products anyway except to the extent that the buyer is in England, illegally buys the product, illegally ships or transports the product and ultimately gets caught with it there.
    Etc, etc, etc.

    This is a perfectly legal product sold by a perfectly moral company run by a perfectly moral individual to all American standards yours aside.

    Are you gripping with Remington Arms Corp because they manufacture and sell guns that are perfectly legal to buy, own and resell here in America but illegal in England?
    Are you griping with Green Health Corp because they manufacture and sell marijuana that is legal to buy, own and use here in America but illegal in England?

    And what's this trout about "other businesses in other countries?
    This topic that I wrote is clearly about one business in America.

    Shall I go on with these inane examples?

    If someone in England bought it and got caught using it and was punished by the British penal system, they deserve what they got for breaking the law. That however, does not make it a moral obligation of the company to refund their money or for that matter, list every country where it's not legal.

    Seems to me that using your foreign standards to judge a foreign business is ridiculous and doesn't really show much common sense at best and libelous at worst.
    This is your reputation you're displaying for the world here.

    This product is illegal in some countries outside of the United States of America.
    It was not intended to be used in those countries.
    If you live in such a country and you buy this product and you are stupid enough to get caught with it, don't make a fool of yourself by calling foul on the company that sells it.
    CHECK YOU LOCAL ORDINANCES before buying, you dolt.
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  22. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    That's a bit different to what you state on your website and Facebook group.

    ...including England?

    And what's your point? But to me it does sound like you work for A-Box, LLC.

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