Help A couple of questions

Just got the Rezound yesterday, and so far I'm loving it. My Droid X has been so unresponsive and laggy lately that I forgot what a phone is supposed to act like!

Trying to figure out the whole HTC thing - I'm not going to tell you how long it took me to figure out that People were Contacts!

A couple of questions (and I'll probably have lots more as I try to get it set up).

One - I have two emails set up. I think it's because the sales lady set up the stock email and I set up Gmail. I think I want to go with Gmail - how do I stop the stock?

Two - on my Droid X, I had a vibrate toggle widget. I think I got it from somewhere, but I don't remember where. I admit to being lulled into getting a ton of crap from Amazon app store's free app of the day, and I'm trying to be selective in what I put back on this phone. So, I'm only loading back the stuff I know I want. And since I have no clue how to put this phone on vibrate, I want that widget!


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1. Settings<accounts & sync<tap the account you want to remove<tap remove account.
2. Settings<sound<sound profile<vibrate.

There are tons of volume control widgets, some just set volume off and some with sliders to adjust, most are free.

I came from the dx too.


Search "ringer toggle" in the Market. It will the first (or one of the first) to show up. Blue square icon. It toggles between ringer, vibrate, and silent. Had on my OG Droid and it's the first thing I put on my Rezound.


For the sound profile toggle, long press on the home screen, select widget, then select browse all HTC widgets. The widget you want is #40. Hope that helps.


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Thanks! Especially thanks for the user's guide, that should help a lot. This has been my first full day with it, and I am pretty disappointed with battery life. I never had to worry about it with the Droid X. I noticed this morning, after playing around on it for about 45 minutes (loading apps, figuring out screen layout), I was down to 63%!


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Search the Rezound forum for "battery" and you should lots of pointers.

I would say the key things are:
(1) It will get better over a few days as it conditions
(2) The default settings are not easy on the battery- max performance mode and max screen brightness are drains- "normal" performance mode and "auto" brightness help
(3) searching for available radio modes hurts the battery if you are in a fringe area for 4G, or travel in and out of 4G zones frequently. In that case, you may want to set 4G only, or 3G only, depending on your needs
(4) The extended battery rocks. It seems big at first, but most people seem to end up liking the feel of it. (Must... not... make... inappropriate comment... for mixed age board...)