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A Day With My New N1 [Long Read]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by iVisionX01, Jan 12, 2010.

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    I just got though a day with my N1 and so far I am very impressed.

    I was bored all morning waiting for my N1 to arrive. I was refreshing the Fedex tracking page about every 15mins. I got bored and played some video games to pass the time. After I finished a good game of Team Fortress 2 I refreshed the page. It said out for delivery, so I decided to walk up to my door and just look out. To my surprised the Fedex guy was right in front of my door about to ring the door bell. I signed off my name and got my N1.

    When I first booted up the phone the first thing that jumped at me was the colors of the N1 logo. They were very nice and jumped out at me, but not too much. Then the boot animation came up. It was laggy at first but as it went though the boot up process it got ALOT smother and look very very nice.

    After the phone booted up and I unlocked it the first thing I noticed was the screen. It was freaking huge and the colors looked great (still is a bit over saturated though but just a bit.)

    Now about the speed. Everything on this phone is fast, however it seems as if it's skipping some frames. I don't know if this is just me or everybody but it doesn't bug me too much since it's still pretty quick.

    At about 2:15 I had to go pickup my sister from school. On my way there I got a text message. When I got to a stop light I read the message then used to Speech to Text feature to reply. It works perfectly. I was very pleased.

    Later at about 4:00 I was invited to hangout with some friends to celebrate someones birthday. They were having the party at a place I've never been to before. I asked my friend what the name was, searched in Google Maps and used the Navigation to get there. I heard that the phone would that the LED would light up green, yellow, and red to tell you how the traffic was but I got no such indication. As I arrived at my destination the phone pulled up a street view of my destination. My friends were impressed. Also the phone is still pretty quick while in navigation mode. A tad bit of lag but 100x faster than the G1 or myTouch while navigating. My myTouch would lag horribly if I ever got a call while navigating.

    Later I decided to take some pics and videos to test the phone out.

    I took a photo with the phone but it was still kinda dark so I thought it didn't flash. So I went into the options and forced it on and this is what I got. The flash on this phone sucks but it's better than no flash *cough*iPhone*cough*

    I also took some video of my friends messing around it was pretty dark still so the frame rate wasn't at its best but it still looked decent and watchable. I tried to upload the videos to youtube but it said that the files were to large to upload over 3G and said it was waiting for a WIFI connection.

    *Fast Forward*

    When I get home I try to upload the videos. They all failed. However youtube was doing maintenance at the time (I wasn't aware at first) so that was probably the problem.

    Also I wasn't able to charge my phone all the way up when I got it today. I got it up to about 75% before I left. When I got home it was at 18%. Most likely because I used it a lot and installed some apps while I was on the go. As well as taking pictures and recording. So I'm still uncertain about the battery life. I will however be getting a car charger so I don't have to deal with that as much.

    Other Things [Random]:
    -When I dim the screen on my phone I get a purplish tint its kinda annoying but I know I'll get used to it. When the screen is on brighter levels it goes away.

    -I find the touch sensitive buttons a bit annoying. While I was recording a video I didn't notice but I accidently held down the search button thus bringing up the voice command box which stopped my recording >:[
    Still the buttons are easy to press for me I don't know why people are complaining about them.

    -The screen is very responsive it will respond to the slightest touch.

    -I wish I had the option to change the option from Silent to Vibrate in the lockscreen. I never have my phone on silent I would prefer to have it on vibrate to keep it quiet.

    -The launcher looks cool but it feels awkward and will jump to rows. I prefer the old method where when you let go of the screen while sliding though apps it doesn't move.

    -The thing (idk whats called) where you can see all your homescreens as cards on the bottom is sort of useless with only 5 screens. Might be more useful with 7 but its nice to have anyway.

    -I did notice my phone jump from Edge to 3G a couple times but it wasn't that bad. It's a software issue so it'll be fixed soon anyway.

    -Right now I have some unread posts in Twidgit. Instead of getting the usual purple led notification, my trackball is blinking white a couple times. I'd like some color. Again this is not a dealbreaker.

    -Interactive wallpapers only work on places where an Icon should be. For example on the nexus wallpaper if your screen is filled you can't interact with the wallpaper anymore even if you press an area where there is no icon.

    -Browser is fast as hell. Almost feels like my desktop. Something was wrong with Engadgets browser test.

    -Facebook is integrated well, I now have my FB friends in my contacts list but notifications don't work for some reason.

    -Google voice is better integrated than it was on the myTouch but works the same.

    -Speaker isn't anything special in fact i think my old myTouch had a better speaker...however the phone sounds great when I plugin my headphones. This isn't much of a issue anyway since the only thing that my phone does with the speaker is ringtones or video.

    -Seems to charge slow on my laptop but when I plug it into the wall the charges up really quick.
    Overall I am very impressed with this device it feels like my myTouch on steriods with some extra features.

    That's all for now. If you want me to check or try anything out with the phone let me know.


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  3. spottyelephant

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    What is what you got?

    Why are there no camera tests / reviews of the N1 anywhere on the internet!?
  4. kafkef

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    There is a photo right below that. Try refreshing the page.
  5. wmm

    wmm Android Enthusiast

    Take a look here.
  6. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    N1 has a 1 LED flash, so it isn't going to be great, but better than not having one at all. Other than that, it will have generally poor dark performance, unless you physically put it in Night Mode. Even then, it isn't that great.

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