A decent music app


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Anyone know of anything that is pretty decent?? HTC's music player is great and all its just.. well kidna annoying. i've looked into the btunes or something like that that has a ipod layout, but thought id ask the community before i started making purchases. (even though there is a refund option)


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You can also try 3 (cubed). It is still beta I believe but free and you can find it in the market. It is pretty cool and is updated frequently and gets a bit better each time. There is an option for a 3D cube that you can twirl to all your albums/artists. I haven't tried btunes. I think it might be a paid app and I didn't particularly like the format from the pics I saw.
Holy hell, 3 (cubed) is an awesome program, I'm really impressed.
Edit: It has an awesome interface, and alot of cool little things to it, like cover flow, and a zune style layout. Very very nice.