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A different kind of rant

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Geosama, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. Geosama

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    Jun 8, 2010

    Jun 8, 2010
    So I've perused through Androidforums and xda forums and noticed 95% of the posts about the Evo are just complaints. This may be just another useless random post but I just want to highlight the many good features (i use).

    First of all, my battery life is amazing! I get about 18 hours daily with approximately 4 hours of total usage including phone calls, surfing the web, youtube movies, playing the droid version of super punchout, playing final fantasy 3 on snes emulator, and about 20 min of tethering to an ipad. I went through every single app that uses "push" and turned off push. I also installed Advanced Task Killer, and "conditioned" my battery. All in all on average I get about 18 hours and yes, as mentioned above is pretty much my daily routine. If anything, I am trying my best to drain the battery asap without turning on 4G :)

    The screen separation problem shouldn't even be a problem! Ok, a small percentage of phones have the problem (including mine) but what do you expect from a device that is mass-produced?!!? Unless that little bit of light blinding you or causing health problems...why even sweat it?! Think of it as an extra flash-light added feature.

    In the beginning the size of the phone took a little getting used to (coming from an iphone 3g) but it's quite easy to hold. This is all personal preference.

    And 3G slowing down a little on Sprint? It could be a number of things. Yes it's very possible the network has slowed down a bit due to the massive amount of people signing up but is that really a bad thing? Popularity in the phone = more support right? In addition, coming from an iPhone 3g and ATT (Nation's fastest 3g..HA!), the Sprint network blows away ATT's!

    So many more positive things to say about my Evo 4G but I dare not rant anymore. If anyone of you have nice things to say, please post them...
    Oh did I mention Froyo? Sprint said in the near future which is very vague but DAMN! That's pretty damn fast, considering when the phone was released!



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