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A droid newcomer guide to the aria

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by artvandalay22222, Jul 10, 2010.

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    Jul 5, 2010

    Jul 5, 2010
    I just got the aria a week ago, and its my first droid phone, the aria. At first it's a little underwhelming, till you realize how much you DON'T know about it. After several hour of researching I now have several favorite apps,and a better understanding of how to do things.

    First of all heres some tricks and tips:

    Obviously to add apss/widgets etc to home screen you can just push the + symbol on home screen(I know theres other ways too. Whats not so obvious is you press and hold those icons or widgets to move or remove them. In fact, youll find many apps use press and hold to bring up more options. For example, press and hold a picture in the pic viewer to bring up options to add as contact pic etc.

    There are several ways to put your contacts on the phone. Now, keep in mind, your contact list is different on this phone. Its a real time synchronized Google contacts list. When I put my sim card into this phone and coppied my contacts to this phone I had 2 set of contacts. 1 on phone and 1 on sim card. When I logged my google acount(Gmail) to the phone it added my gmail contacts. So now I had triple duplicates and email addresses all mixed together. This gave me much confusion. So what I did to remedy it(and there may be easier ways) is deleted the contacts on phone. To do this go to "people" hit menu,view and choose phone. now you have the list stored on phone. Delete all. So now you still have sim contacts and google contacts(mostly email addresses for me) Now goto "people" hit menu,import/export, and choose import from sd card. It will ask you if you want to import them to phone or google. Choose google. Now Delete the sim contacts(I know scary but dont worry) the way you deleted the phone contacts. Now you have 1 list, and you can edit them from your gmail contact list(on computer) ,put them in groups easily, and merge the email addresse to the appropriate contact.

    Facebook and contacts:
    There are several benefits to having facebook contacts linked to your google contacts like the addition of their photo Avatar in your people list.
    To do this first set up your facebook acount on the phone. Goto stteings, acounts, facebook and add your acount. Then goto "people" choose a contact and hit that little link symbol with "google" written below it in upper right hand corner of the details page. It may give you suggestions, or you can choose from your facebook freinds list.

    Confused about that app that came on the default scene home page that says favorites? Well that "Favorites" refers to your google contact groups. If you sorted your contacts by groups then you can use this widget to scroll through any of your groups.

    APPS to get:

    first get droid explorer on your pc- makes installing 3rd party apps super easy! Download an app, connect your phone and install the file! You can even just double click the file you downloaded and it will install it. this will also save your data if you dont have access to wifi.

    Did you get the 200mb plan and are worried about overages?
    No worry, get 3g watchdog from the market and use it to monitor your data usage. You enter your bill cycle date(Easy to find on ATT's web account page) and your limit(eg 200 mb) and it does the rest.

    Every droid owner should have a task killer of some sort. I use advanced task killer. Get it in the market.

    My fav music player: "3" sometimes calles cube player its a unique player that puts your album covers on a cube that you can spin(in alphabetical order" to find the one you want. Also looks up album art and has a widget.

    Awesome racing game: Raging Thunder 2. A 3d racing game that looks great and uses the accelerometer.
    I also like carrom3d Pool. play alone or against an opponent online.

    ill add more later. Please if you have other stuff to add feel free.


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