Help A few 4.3 questions


I've just updated tonight, been through everything and it looks pretty good. I'm especially pleased that the email menu is now readable! Instead of a light grey on a black background it's now a nice dark grey on a light background. I'm happy except for a few things I can't figure out.

1. When I press a button and view my lock screen the clock is to the left, is there any way to centre it?

2. As above but the padlock to unlock the phone with a swipe shows up with swirly lines around it. Is there any way to remove it?

3. Again, as above the network name shows up at the bottom of the screen. Any way to remove it?

4. When receiving a text instead of showing a preview in the notifications bar and seeing a 1 and an envelope on the screen which you could swipe and be taken straight to the text. It now shows a preview as before but also displays the message in a big yellow box on the lock screen! I've figured out you need to tap it to be taken to the message, sort of, I need to drag down and make a white square appear and then I can tap it and be taken to messages. In settings I've made it so it doesn't show a preview but at the same time I'd like to see who it's from and I still don't like the big ugly yellow box!


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What might have been meant is you have come to the right place. I too am interested in your customization questions.


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I've been checking my update option since I heard about it but it always said I was up to date. Tonight is the first time I've tried it and it started downloading so I stopped, backed it up, and took the risk.

Everything is great bar these few things
Updated mine last night and noticed the same thing with the Lock screen clock. Also wondering if there is anyway to have a text message still show up on the status bar, but not the lock screen.