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Support A few basic questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lamborg, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. lamborg

    lamborg New Member
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    Aug 26, 2012
    Don't currently own one, just want to make sure about a few things. Searched through the Dev forum but still I am not 100% sure and that's why I am asking here, just to confirm.

    1. Is the bootloader unlocked for all firmware so I can flash custom ROMs or do I need to check something to determine if the bootloader is unlocked? I read somewhere that firmware 2.3.5 9 or above cannot be unlocked.
    2. Does it come carrier unlocked by default to be used in countries other than the US, I mean use any GSM SIM?
    3. Is it worth getting this phone now (considering the dev support)? What other phone can you tell me to look at, with similar specs and price range? I am interested in unlocked GSM, doesn't matter if its CDMA or not.

    Also, what exactly is the difference between Photon 4g and Electrify? I'll be using the phone outside the US and mostly only GSM, no CDMA. So which one should I go for?



  2. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    1) The PHOTON is locked, you'll have to unlock it yourself (not sure if 2.3.5 has been successfully unlocked yet or not,see the ALL THINGS ROOT section of this forum or XDA DEVELOPERS for further information).

    2) You should be able to use any GSM (SIM CARD) outside of the US (verify w/the carriers you're interested in using & check out the PHOTON FORUM @ MOTOROLA'S WEBSITE for more information on this,good source of information for international calling).

    3) As for use outside of the U.S., this phone can hold it's own compared to anything available today. Of course some may have slightly better internal specs, but, in real time everyday use, this phone is still one of the best in overall performance.

    I recommend getting an extended battery if you're a heavy phone user who doesn't want be bothered w/bump charging periodically throughout the day. Not that the standard battery is insufficient,but,any ANDROID phone(outside of the RAZR MAXX) can use all the battery power possible.

    The main difference (if not the only difference) between the PHOTON & the ELECTRIFY is 4G WIMAX, which the ELECTRIFY is lacking.

    BTW, the ELECTRIFY O/S is slightly different than the PHOTON, be careful when rooting / unlocking bootloader, etc.... & only install firmware that is developed for the ELECTRIFY.
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