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Support A few issues.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by charwizz, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. charwizz

    charwizz New Member
    Thread Starter

    Aug 1, 2012
    I'm currently on my second Orange SF II and I'm still experiencing the same problems as before.

    First problem is the gallery don't work, it comes up with 'process com.cooliris.media' and I have to force close it, it says to try again but that never works, I've had to download a gallery app and use that instead. Second problem, is my messages keeps crashing. It comes up with 'process android.com.mms', it'll happen a few times before it works, sometimes I'll have to restart my phone to get my messages to work again. Occasionally, I won't receive messages either, nor will the person I am sending them too until I restart my phone then they'll all send. Thirdly, a problem that has occurred with my second phone only, it'll say that I have no contacts and messages will be numbers rather than contact names till it sorts itself out and says that I do have contacts again and occasionally, it'll tell me that my phone memory is full even though there is no reason for it to be full.

    They are all annoying problems, my mum rang Orange (the contract is in her name) and they said I should ring back and they'll talk me through some fixes, I imagine but he said messages as that was the main one but not really, it's annoying that my phone keeps claiming I have no contacts and that my gallery doesn't work so I have to download another one, taking up space on my phone. Ideally, I'd like to just send this phone back and get a completely different one but I can only do that if I send this one back as faulty a few times (which I can see happening).

    Any help or advice is very much appreciated. Please and thank you.


  2. android3r

    android3r New Member

    Aug 5, 2012
    Hmmm... That's odd. I have SF2 as well, but...
    Tip - Don't bother ringing Orange - they hardly ever call back. Take it to your nearest Orange Store if possible.
    BTW, the charger that came with my SF2 didn't work, but they gave me a different charger (took them a while, though)

    Anyway, I'll run through the problems.

    1. The Gallery doesn't work
    Yeah, that happens once in a while for me. It's seriously annoying. Same here, when I click force close and try again it doesn't work. But when I restart my phone it does.

    2. Messages keep crashing
    Strange. It doesn't for me. Sorry that I can't help on this.

    3. Occasionally messages don't get sent/ are not received
    Same here. Except it's just that my messages don't get sent. For me, I just keep pressing the 'Send' button until it gets sent eventually. However, it doesn't happen that often.
    Just to make sure - did you have credit when you were trying to send the text? And was it Pay as You Go or a Package?

    4. Sometimes the phone says I have no contacts/messages
    Nope, never happened.

    5. Phone memory is full
    Sort of. At the beginning of turning it on, it says my phone memory is almost full. Then, like 2 hours later the notification disappears.

    That's it. Sorry I can't help much.
  3. elims1

    elims1 New Member

    Aug 12, 2012
    I had the same messages problem but I fixed it by doing a factory reset in the hope that whatever bug or app it had picked up, it would reset it. I have yet to see any long term bugs again because I've only just reset it, but good luck.
    Back up your messages using SMS Backup+ and your pictures to picasa if you can. Also: try saving your contacts to your simcard if you can..
  4. Ste20man

    Ste20man Well-Known Member

    Nov 14, 2010
    has anyone fixed the gallery problem?

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