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a few newbie questions.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sanity29, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. sanity29

    sanity29 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Jan 9, 2010
    Phoenix, AZ
    ok, so i have a few questions here. i've been using this phone for a few weeks now, and decided to ask all questions at once. thought it would be easier than making many posts as things came up.

    1) is there any reason that it takes time for the orientation to switch when i turn the phone? what can i do to improve that?

    2) i came from a blackberry so used to closing things. from what i take all i have to do is hit the back arrow or home button and i'm good. is this true? correct me if i'm wrong as i understand that this phone is made to run multiple apps at once.

    3) what is a good shopping list app? i used upvise on my bb as i could edit online. i like that option, but i know there has to be something better out there. what do you recommend?

    4)from what i have read, having a task killer can go either way. well is that something i should look into or just let the phone be? as i don't have really any issues other than the orientation lagging. the phone runs great otherwise and i don't feel that it would be needed for how the phone works and is designed. the only complaint is the battery life, but i see i'm not the only one.

    5) what apps does everyone recommend for tasks or notepads? i see that there is the google tasks, but is there an easier way to access it? like an app? i use the notepads for keeping track of things like what simpsons season i have for example.

    6) has anyone figured out how to delete those apps that came pre-loaded from sprint that we don't use? like the nascar app and things like that. would be nice to get rid of those.

    7)what is the difference between google contact and a phone contact?

    8) how do i back up my phone (contacts and what not)?

    9) almost forgot, what app is good for local searches? i used to use dex knows on the bb. or is google great enough?

    thanx for taking the time to read what i'm sure has been asked many times but i didn't find. and i appreciate helping a newbie out with your response.


  2. aclark414

    aclark414 Well-Known Member

    Dec 13, 2009
    1) On stock 1.5, it's just the way it is. I had the Samsung Moment and it took a second to switch as well. Could be placebo effect, but loading Fresh 1.1 rom seems to make the transition faster (or maybe just smoother).

    2) I came from the Blackberry as well (BB Tour). This is a very different device. After a week, I almost returned it and went back to my BB. SO glad I didn't. It just takes time to adjust. Touchscreens are a different animal. Custom roms help overcome stock 1.5 issues.

    3) Can't help you here. I just use notes for shopping lists.

    4) Android auto closes apps when it needs the memory. Personally, I use a task killer because what I want as free memory and what the Android wants are different.

    5) I use Astrid for tasks, and AK Notepad. Love 'em both. Astrid syncs great with my Cal.

    6) Yes. Need to root your phone and use Pre-Kitchen (I think Pre-Kitchen has an auto root built into it).

    7) Google contact syncs with your Google account if you have one.

    8) Best way to backup contacts is sync with your Google account. Pre-Kitchen has what is called "nandroid backup" and backs up the entire phone I believe.

    9) I like Where.

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