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A few questions about Documents To Go?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Smudgie, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. Smudgie

    Smudgie Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter


    I was going to hold out for DTG 3.0 but think that I really need this program. Also, I just read on DTG's site that the upgrade to 3.0 will be free. The unknown is when and if 3.0 will ever come out. Anyways, being not too familiar with DTG I have a few questions:

    1. How do I get documents to and from my PC? Do I have to email back and forth? If I create a document on my PC and want to take it on the road to edit it how do I get it to my Droid Incredible for editing and then back to my desktop for printing, ect?

    2. I use MS Office 2007 on my PC.....will this work with DTG?

    3. What are some overall impressions of how this app actually works?


  2. pavirotten

    pavirotten Android Enthusiast

    I've had DTG Full Version installed for a couple of months and have been really impressed with it. I deal with MS 2003 and 2007 Word and Excel documents a great deal in my personal life as well as in my profession, and I can't imaging not having DTG on my phone.

    To answer your first two questions:

    1. I have sync'ed documents in two ways, by e-mailing them as an attachment and downloading the document to my phone while viewing the document and the old-fashioned way of using a cable between my phone and computer.

    2. DTG can view, alter, and save 2007 documents, but not create them. In order to side-step this problem, I have saved both a blank 2007 Excel and a 2007 Word document to my phone. When I need to create a new 2007 document, I just open one of my saved blank docs, create what I need, and save it under a new name.

    I hope this helps in your decision.
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  3. Smudgie

    Smudgie Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the reply. Anyone else have feedback regarding DTG.
  4. 1siena

    1siena Lurker

    I just ordered the DTG lite version to open Microsoft Word documents. I then realized that I could open the same document with the factory installed "Quickoffice".

    Not being very computer and Droid Moto savey,

    Could someone please tell me the difference between.
    Document to Go (Lite)?
    And the DTG upgrade?

    Tyring to figure out what I need to get.
  5. CodeMonkey

    CodeMonkey Guest

    1. DropBox + a file explorer with cut and paste works for me. It looks like a built in file sync is promised for v3.0

    2. Documents To Go for Android-powered Smartphones: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    3. I'm not a heavy user, but I find it worth the price I paid (I bought it when it was on a promotional discount in the market)
  6. jonwlewis

    jonwlewis Well-Known Member

    I use Dosc2go constantly. I love the program . I have been using it ever since my first Blackberry many years ago. It has consistantly been the best program out there for Office docs.
  7. Carl6

    Carl6 Member

    I have used Documents to Go for a couple of years now, first on a Palm Treo 755, and most recently on an EVO. I find the program to be excellent.
  8. Lyrrad

    Lyrrad Member

    It's awful when using Swype. For some reason it seems to allow editing just once, then it's like jumping through hoops just to correct a word. Swype performs properly on any other app I have ever used.

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