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A few questions before I buy

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Virgil1528, Dec 30, 2009.

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    Hey everyone, I'm hoping to get the answers i'm looking for here so I can become a new Moment owner and a part of this community. First off, I have a palm pre and really do love my phone. It's great for movies and internet browsing. It's also just a slick looking phone. However, it's hard to ignore the growing giant that is Android. I have thought about getting the droid, but I don't like Verizon's plans, internet speed, nor the lack of a physical phone button. With that, i'm hoping some of you can help me with a few questions.

    1) Can the phone physically support multi-touch. I know that the phone isn't set up that way, but with the Hero and Droid, you can download the Dolphin app and it will make multi-touch possible. The main thing I want is to be able to pinch zoom. That may sound corny, but I love it. It's the main reason I wanted a Pre.

    2) Is there an auto-complete for typing like the iPhone or Droid. When playing with it, I didn't see one, but maybe it's a feature you have to turn on.

    3) How is the hardware casing holding up? It looks awfully plastic and that scares me.

    4) Is there another Sprint Android phone with a physical keyboard coming out in the next year I should maybe be waiting on?

    5) How is the media player? Watching divx, making playlists, going through pictures?

    6) Can you multi-task? This is a big one for me. I like being able to text, get a phone call, answer it, and go back to my text without a hassle. Same with the internet. I like to be on a conference call, and go surf the web at the same time, maybe even have a texting conversation, conference call, and surf the web at once. You wouldn't believe how many times that comes up.

    7) Overall, what is you favorite thing about the phone. What's the thing you didn't know you loved until you had it.

    Thank you all again to those who respond. I'm not trying to be lazy by not searching, believe me I have, but I always seem to get misinterpretations of the questions and answers.

  2. 1) samsung says yes.. No real confirm yet...
    2) Yup... it is stock in the OS + you can put the hero keyboard on the moment
    3) Case is holding up fine
    4) No one knows really.. PRADA might...
    5) works fine plus can always get other apps.. that is the beauty of android
    6) It is faster then the hero and just as fast as the droid. only processor that is faster then the moment is the snapdragon and that isnt an option yet
    7) Hacking the shit out of it right now over on samsungmomentforums.. We just got a patch for the battery meter finally (took us only 1 day after we actually sat down to tackle it).. bad thing is samsung is slow about any acknowledgment or patches.. luckily we are now doing it all ourselves..

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