Help a few questions that are bugging me the rep had no answers too.


Well i just had the Samsung rep in my store and he could not answer the questions i have....

1. just like with my old moto droid.. the music player auto starts when i connect to my blue tooth.. not always and did not do it for teh rep. but does do it.

2. using Svoice to set an alarm or a count down timer... how in the world do you stop it or change it? the ones made through Svoice do not show up in the clock setting,,,, and if you escape from svoice and go back the old commands and timer or alarm are no longer there.



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I honestly don't know on either. From a quick glance at my phone, I'm stumped like you. I never use S Voice, or the stock player. I use Power Amp, which has exactly what you're looking for (along with a full function EQ among other great things). Definitely worth the money on it.


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no settings in the music player.. i did find that music square that was pretty cool and the songs it picked i thing were dead on for the mood...

but that Svoice.. THAT is bugging me.. how in the world do i modify a timer or alarm that was set in Svoice?


1) Are you using the BACK button to exit the player or the HOME button? If you're using the home button you may not be actually closing/suspending the music player. It's better practice to use the BACK button when exiting apps you truly want to exit. I've had a music streaming app suddenly appear to start up upon connecting my headphones once. I assumed it was because I failed to use the back button the last time I used it.

2) Haven't used S Voice much yet so can't comment on that.


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IIRC poweramp will auto start if you connect to bluetooth, it certainly does when you plug a headset in.

Dont know about s-voice, I don't use it, voice control is just a gimmick