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A Few Random Observations about My Tab 3 - 8.0

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by HurrycaneJohn, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. HurrycaneJohn

    HurrycaneJohn Member
    Thread Starter

    My Tab 3 8.0 ran for 15 hours before the battery drained down to 15%. This was with WiFi on 80% of the time

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  2. HurrycaneJohn

    HurrycaneJohn Member
    Thread Starter

    I ran the wifi for 9 continuous hours yesterday at work, picked up and responded to email throughout the day, participated in a few forums and browsed the internet on my lunch hour, before work and before leaving for the day.......at the end of the 9 hours my battery was only down to 75%.

    The battery life on Tab 3 8.0 is pretty impressive, I consider myself a power user, this thing is on pretty much on and used most of my waking day and I normally get 2 - 2.5 days of use between charges.

    I know that a lot of reviewers have made negative comments about the screen res on the Tab 3 8.0 compared to the New Nexus 7, but I think the screen is gorgeous and the colors are crisp and clear. I'd love to see a side by side comparision between the Nexus 7 and Tab 3 8.0 screens.....just to see if the res difference is really as big a deal as they make it out to be.
  3. M_Six

    M_Six Lurker

    Just got my Tab 3 8.0 yesterday just now learned a thing or two. Last night I checked the Battery settings and saw "2 Hours 25 Minutes on Battery" and thought that was all I had left and was disappointed in the battery life. Now I see that it means I had been on battery for 2 hours and 25 minutes. No wonder it was telling me that with almost 100% of the battery left. Duh.

    So far I think this thing blows my iPad and my Dell tablets out of the water. It's the perfect size. My Android phone was too small and the iPad and Dell tabs are too big. This is one is perfect. (Sorry if I sound like Goldilocks. ;):D)
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  4. 007shark

    007shark Well-Known Member

    Some observations with mine is that Samsung included the ability to move apps to your external microSD. I also like the easy ability to change system fonts. I have noticed excellent sound quality as well and good battery life.

    Once I had installed nova launcher and a new live wallpaper, I am for once not needing to root and install other Roms. The only reason for me to root this tablet is to take out some Samsung bloat.

    This is my first experience with a Samsung android device and I am quite impressed comparing to stock android experiences.
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  5. dan55

    dan55 Android Expert

    hi guys.
    yes i too have found battery seems very good. i watched catch up tv for about an hour last night and still had 75% battery afterward. my S3 would need to be charged :-D
  6. robin635

    robin635 Lurker

    I am very pleased with my tab 3 my only concern is the amount of battery use when off in standby. Any ideas would be welcome.
  7. patrickjd2000

    patrickjd2000 Lurker

    I am really enjoying this tablet. It runs XBMC and Netflix etc v.smooth. The Bluetooth functionality is excellent too, I have used a Wireless mouse and Anker Ultra slim Bluetooth keyboard with no problems. Bluetooth headphone (Logik LONBT13 in my case) work great too (even if the volume could be a little higher but that could be the headphones fault as they cost only EUR 38).
    Gaming looks and handles great from Flappy bird to Dead Trigger 2 or the Asphalt series). I got the 16gb WFI version which can be tethered to my SGS3’s 3g data connection via portable hotspot for on the go connectivity when wifi is not available. All in all very happy with this purchase.
  8. patrickjd2000

    patrickjd2000 Lurker

    Have you tried going into settings>WIFI>Menu>Advanced>Keep WIFI on during Sleep

    then you can choose betwenn Always or Only when Plugged in or Never.
    If you have a WIFI only model maybe Never would be best for conserving power?
  9. snerd

    snerd Lurker

    I do not have this setting on my new Tab 3 8". ???
  10. patrickjd2000

    patrickjd2000 Lurker

    Are you sure?? Go into settings and then under wireless and networks select/highlight "Wi-Fi". Then click the menu button on the bottom left of the device just off the actual screen. You should then see a menu offering Advanced/Wps push button/Wps PIN entey/Help. Choose ADVANCED. Then you should see another menu and you choose your setting under the KEEP Wi-Fi on during sleep option.
  11. brosko

    brosko Android Enthusiast

    Of course he has it, just couldn't find it that's all.
  12. HurrycaneJohn

    HurrycaneJohn Member
    Thread Starter

    What happens if you set it to never and your Tab goes to sleep mode while downloading a large file?
  13. snerd

    snerd Lurker

    Yes, being new to Android, I missed the Menu step. Found and changed to never. Installed Battery Doctor also and I'm getting upwards of 10 hours now!! Thanks!!!
  14. HurrycaneJohn

    HurrycaneJohn Member
    Thread Starter

    10 hrs of what? 10 hrs of time with the screen on?
  15. snerd

    snerd Lurker

    Sorry. Surfing web, reading various forums, email, Netflix, Music, a game now and fhen, and just generally a semi-power user I guess you could say.
  16. patrickjd2000

    patrickjd2000 Lurker

    Good point, the dispaly will timeout after a set number of minutes of "inactivity" so I guess it depends on what the OS considers "inactivity", is downloading an activity?
  17. brosko

    brosko Android Enthusiast

    I have missed that menu a bunch of times, as all options seem to be on the screen its easy to forget about the settings button! :)
  18. robin635

    robin635 Lurker

    Thanks will try that
  19. robin635

    robin635 Lurker

    Tried your suggestion but didn't help I have monitered the loss and it is 20% over a six hour period.That is with no wifi and left untouched off in standby.This is my first Samsung having a Ipad2 and Nexus 4 phone am not used to this loss, is it the norm or should I be retutning my Tab 3 for a replacement.
  20. MacFett

    MacFett Android Expert

    Try gsam battery monitor, it does a real good job of tracking where your power goes.
  21. kevinx

    kevinx Newbie

    Hi guys, (maybe a little off topic here, but perhaps someone may be able to help?)

    Wonder if anyone can shed some light? I have my GT3 8" in a case, from e-bay. Case affords excellent protection and access.

    When I open the case, like a book, my device comes on. When I close the case, like a book, the display goes off. Fine. Saves battery, and saves having to press the power button.

    HOWEVER... This I have found a couple of times.. If I fold the cover all the way back (like open a book and fold it back on itself), and operate in that manner, SOMETIMES the screen has gone off (as if powered down/sleep), but when I "unflip/unfold" the case, then the screen illuminate again, and waits for passcode entry.

    My guessing???? Is that the magnets in the case are causing the Tab to sleep, when folded back??

    Anyone else had this problem??


    THIS is the case type:- Leather Smart Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 T310 T311 T315 8 Inch Tablet | eBay

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