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A few teething problems.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lew86, Oct 22, 2014.

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    So the Z3 is properly awesome. But it's not without it's teething problems.

    The first is that I can't sign into youtube via the app. Won't even let me enter an address. When I press it on the side tab is says something like can't sign in please visit m.youtube/create_channel (haven't got it with me as the case hasn't come yet). Try to go to the page, enter my virginmedia email (which i use for all the google stuff) but it says it's not recognised. When I visit m.youtube.com/create_channel on the PC and enter information, is says Forbidden. Access to VM SSO from non-VM services is denied.

    The second is the Bluetooth link to the DS4. It works impeccably. I can control all the menus and the snes emulator using the DS4. It paired by holding the Share and PS buttons for about 10 seconds until the DS4 light flashes white. However when I turn off the bluetooth on the phone (the DS4 powers off automatically), and press the PS button to turn on the PS4, it just flashes (slower) white like it's trying to detect the phone.

    I messed around for about half an hour and tried to troubleshoot it with Sony chat, who had me restarting and safe modeing the PS4 with the DS4 connected by USB, resetting the DS4 by the button on the back, before saying that they'll need to take the console in to see what the problem is (!) and realising I was a UK user and he was in the US. Eventually I figured out that the USB cable supplied with the Z3 worked and got it to pair to the PS4 again. But as soon as I pair it with the Z3, same thing all over again. I can only guess that it's a software bug somewhere along the line.

    But if anyone has any idea's about either, please throw my way.

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