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A friendly advice: Don't upgrade to 4.0.3

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by megadude, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. megadude

    megadude Member
    Thread Starter

    I was so excited when I heard the update is available via the air and I upgraded the first moment I could but this might've been a very big mistake.
    the 4.0.3 OTA for Nexus s suffers from serious issues worldwide. While reading Google help forums I realized the board is flooded by Nexus S issues with 4.0.3, my problem(WiFi connection issue) seemed like nothing compared to users trapped in reboot loops, complete software failure, black screen issues and so many other bugs.
    I can't even factory reset my phone! when I click recovery there comes an android icon for a second and poof! the screen goes dead black with the four main keys still lighted.
    If you haven't made the mistake of upgrading yet, and you don't wanna be stuck with multiple factory resets, incompatible software(specially keyboards), camera not working, wifi detection, short battery life, cpu drainage, incoming call freeze, outgoing call impossible, mms disabled, no 3G or 4G and other bang-your-head-to-the-nearest-wall problems, just go with the cool and working 2.3.6 Gingerbread for now and wait for Google to release an update.(hopefully soon, but why do i care? i don't even have a wifi anymore, have i?)
    Yes your Nexus could work just fine but guess what? Google has suspended ICS update! why? well, I think I just explained why :)

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  2. elemteacher2be

    elemteacher2be Well-Known Member

    Well according to several articles the suspension is due to a normal procedure of sending out the OTA update.
  3. megadude

    megadude Member
    Thread Starter

  4. ianr

    ianr Android Enthusiast

    I upgraded my Nexus S to ICS by first factory-resetting the phone before doing the update as I'd read that it can be sluggish otherwise. I can honestly say it's like having a brand new phone, to the extent that I've been battering its poor little battery all day playing with the phone it's now so smooth, fast and easy to use. It really is worth the risk if you think you can recover the phone, everything works far better than it did under Gingerbread and I for one am a very happy camper right now. I've been using it for over a week now and it's the mutt's nuts.
  5. megadude

    megadude Member
    Thread Starter

    nicely done.
    I didn't do this and now with ICS my recovery mode doesn't work anymore.
  6. heat57

    heat57 Android Enthusiast

    I downloaded the update and installed from the root without any issues whats-o-ever! I can also say that WiFi, bluetooth, 3G, 98% of apps are all in rude health. This has got to be the best nonm-apple OS I have ever had the pleasure using right out of the box. Compared to GB 2.3.6 it has promoted the good old Nexus S to a new level. I think most of the problems are due to misfortune, bad preparation or other issues not related to the ICS upgrade. There are many people reporting nothing but good things since theior update. I also suspect that some that didn't wait for the OTA simply installed the wrong ROM image for their particular device. I for one am very, very happy.
  7. DexTyler

    DexTyler Well-Known Member

    Same with me. Everything works fine. There are a few app issues but it's to be expected since not all of the apps are up to date with ICS just yet.

    And from what I've seen, people who did the manual update are having alot more issues than the OTA people. I thought about doing the manual one myself but the very next morning, OTA was waiting for me. Not single issue since (except app incompatibility of course).
  8. firuz

    firuz Newbie

    If I read your article before I did the OTA update ,would be very fortunate .as you said even though my 2.3.6 worked like a jevel,I jumped in to the ICS ..appart from the absence of WIFI everything is ok ..but how to live without a WIFI connection .I was just thinking of factory reset ,and saw your results ...
    Yes friends dont ever think about ICs update at the time being ..well done google , if the google phones are having problem ,I cant imagine the rest ...
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  9. megadude

    megadude Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm sorry to hear that, go ahead with factory reset anyway, you might get lucky.
    If you could find any solution for the Wifi or factory reset problem please keep me posted.

    well I did the OTA update myself but am currently having multiple issues, the worst thing is I can't factory the phone anymore, its like I'm stuck with ISC. glad to hear that your Nexus works fine.
  10. firuz

    firuz Newbie

    I did the factory reset ...nope it did not help ,still no WIFI...
  11. rborelli

    rborelli Well-Known Member

    I too performed the OTA update as soon I was able and up until now had no issues. Tonight I decided to power my phone off to charge it. When I went to power it on.....nothing but the Google sign and the 4 menu buttons. multiple battery pulls and still nothing. I booted into recovery mode and tried a reboot from there and got it to power up. Not sure if this is an issue with 4.0.3 but I never had that happen before. Had the phone since March.

  12. jonsmith709

    jonsmith709 Lurker

    I did the manual update from 2.3.1-2.3.6 then to ICS then did a factory reset. Why not roll back, put the previous stock update.zip on to memory and retore.
  13. FaroeseViking

    FaroeseViking Well-Known Member

    Got an OTA update. Got the update on the McD's free wifi, and except for a short lived touch screen issue, its been great. No problems here as of now.
  14. BreatheElectro

    BreatheElectro Well-Known Member

    Same here!

    ICS has been nothing but great for me!
  15. megadude

    megadude Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm happy for you guys, ICS looks great if its working properly but just check google help forums or this message board itself.
    most notable issues here are recovery mode not working, PC mount impossible and WiFi not detecting any hotspots.
  16. DexTyler

    DexTyler Well-Known Member

    Well I've not tried recovery mode or a hotspot just yet (hotspots are insecure anyway, so I rarely use them) but connecting to my home Wifi and PC have been easy. No issues whatsoever.

    The battery life also isn't amazing but it lasts how long I need it to and does what I want it to. I've never come home from a day at work with it being less than 60% ever despite being a heavy internet user and calling people almost every hour.
  17. megadude

    megadude Member
    Thread Starter

    a few days ago I went to Samsung costumer services and told them about my issues with ICS. yesterday a technician called and asked me about those issues, he then said ICS doesn't support WiFi and Bluetooth! I tried to tell him my Bluetooth works fine and I know a dozen people that are using ICS without any issues(I meant some of you guys ;) ) but he was one of those dim guys, he said you have to revert back to gingerbread and I said sure.
    today I got my phone back with a 2.3.4 installed, the funny thing is there are no 2.3.6 update available there. I used to have 2.3.6 before I made the mistake of upgrading to 4.0.3 .
    well this was the finale of my story with ICS and looks like I'm gonna be stucked with buggy 2.3.4 instead of 2.3.6 but at least my phone works again!
  18. quantumrand

    quantumrand Android Expert

    You can always update manually to 2.3.6. It's pretty ridiculous how useless tech support is, huh?
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  19. megadude

    megadude Member
    Thread Starter

    ye I thought theyre gonna fix my Wifi and I can finally use ISC like a boss but it seems they love to format and revert back to that 1 file they got from google a year ago!:rolleyes:
    can you give me more advice on manual upgrading? do I have to root? and where can I get the best 2.3.6 package and these stuff? as you may have guessed I am a root dummy :D
  20. quantumrand

    quantumrand Android Expert

    Someone actually just asked a similar question. Check out this thread: http://androidforums.com/nexus-s/493615-how-switch-2-3-3-2-34-a.html

    Assuming you have the I9020T or I9023, that thread has all the files you'll need and links to instructions. Root isn't required whatsoever, and there is no risk of voiding your warranty.

    If you have the I9020A (which I'm assuming you don't since you were able to put ICS on it in the first place), the process is basically the exact same, except you will want a 2.3.6 ROM specifically for the I9020A.
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