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a gingerbread thread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by batmandroid, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. batmandroid

    batmandroid Member
    Thread Starter

    i really want to squeeze out some more performance from my desire and make it look a little better and free up some sd card space. i'm thinking of rooting, but really i'd like to try the official 2.3 update first and see how that goes. i'd rather avoid rooting.

    now i've heard that you could get issues potentially with stuff as basic as SMS. wondering if that has been an issue really or not.

    also if i go and do that, i'd like to know the simplest way to backup all my stuff. my gmail account has a bunch of contacts i don't want in my phone. i don't really use gmail though as email client that much so if i can make my gmail account like my phone contacts, thats ok, but i'd prefer if there was some other way to back everything up.

    also, let's say for some reason i don't like gingerbread, can i go back to froyo?

    is the extra battery savings, performance etc noticeable? worth the effort?

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  2. deakodude

    deakodude Member

    I would root because its easy....and if you don't like any of the roms available you can then got back to official 2.3 rom.Don't think at the moment you can do it the other way around.
  3. batmandroid

    batmandroid Member
    Thread Starter

    what i'm worried about is unforseen issues with rooting. problems and stuff i might encounter. i'm really interested in miui rom, but to me, i really want something that works and is smooth, and doesn't require a bunch of workaraounds.

    in my experience with stuff, official releases are generally less feature rich, or cool factor i guess, but work dependably and as advertised, that's why i'd like to try 2.3 official first. see if it suits me, and if not root my phone.

    there's no way to do official 2.3 release and then be able t oroot and then come back to 2.3 if desired?
  4. cammyhorne

    cammyhorne Newbie

    I have recently updates to gingerbread and its been the best thing I have done, I didn't want to root just like you.

    Loads of space to download what I want, I would update there has been no issues with it.
  5. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    Yes, you use a ROM upgrade Utility to get 2.3

    2.3 IS rootable now. You can use the same RUU to unroot back to stock 2.3
  6. felixlein

    felixlein Newbie

    I would add Gingerbread to Desire unlike you like experiments.

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