Apr 2, 2010
A good modified phone apk but need to tansplant, can anyone help?

I found a good modified phone apk in XDA forum here:Modified Phone.apk v29, vibrate, black list, eclair, N1, etc.(0513) - xda-developers
The main features are:
•add notification differ than talking when dialing.
•vibrate on outgoing call on answered.
•vibrate on 45 sec when outgoing talking, i.e. 45", 1'45", 2'45"... (also have attached without this function.)
•2 short vibrate on off hook.
•more awake time for screen on while talking.(Method from derfolo)
•notify with led blink when missing call
•vibrate on call waiting
•force return to call log screen after a call out end
•settings for on/off of all above
•show avatar when outgoing call not answered
•ringer performance improved with method from itp@xda.
•show organization in call screen, request by pascanu@xda
•larger avatar
•black list!
•layout from eclair
•force use touch ui keyboard
•turn over to silence incoming phone
•support left hand user
The features are attractive! I tried to replace in Galaxo phone.apk,but failed.
Might be as the author said , it's different phone program.
Can anyone help to tansplant this phone.apk to Galaxo? I know it must be a hard job, but it should be a good program for our Galaxo users.
Hope can get help from you!