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A-GPS lock without mobile data ON. Possible?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by vpraveenis, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. vpraveenis

    vpraveenis Newbie
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    Hi All,
    I have a question regarding the A-GPS used in android phones. Before moving to the HTC Desire, I had owned a nokia 5800 which had offline ovi maps and A-gps feature.

    With the Nokia 5800, I was able to get a quick lock-on in less than 20 seconds and was even able to get a approximate lock-on when inside a building with no satellite view. This I am sure is due to the A-GPS which gives an approximate location based on cell tower. This was possible without having the mobile data network on.

    With android, I can get the A-gps to work only with mobile network ON (and get charged for data every time I need to get a lock). I would like to know how to get a A-GPS lock inside a building without turning ON Mobile data (like I was able to do with the same sim card in my Nokia 5800)


  2. takeshi

    takeshi Android Expert

    This is a common misunderstanding but aGPS is not tower triangulation. aGPS without data is just as possible as GPS without data. However, note that some devices, such as the Droid, require the CDMA radio to be turned on for some reason for initial fix, IIRC.

    As for whether or not you'll get a fix indoors, you still need line of sight to the GPS satellites with GPS or aGPS.

    Also note that your app may or may not require data itself.

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