A (likely) future Android user


I can upgrade my phone in April (with AT&T) and would really like to upgrade to a smartphone. I was thinking (despite my annoyance with Apple that developed over time) of going with the iPhone because of various reasons. However, lately I've been leaning more and more towards Android. Soooo here I am!

With my wishy-washy-ness comes a lot of confusion and lack of a steadfast decision on exactly what I'm going to get. So I'll be hopping on over to the other sections of the forums to look for answers :D
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Well are you going to stay with THE DeathStar(AT&T)? Or are you also switching carrier when you get Android. I mean they are not very nice to android with all the BS they have. Which device did you have in mind? I am asking because dual core based phone is almost out and you may need to leave ATT for it as I would and can't live with slow network and on top of that 2gb cap.


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I just posted a continuation thread in another section as not to keep my questions in the intro section, but I don't HAVE to stay with AT&T, it's just where my friends and family are. I don't talk all that much on it, so I only get the cheapest plans so I'm not able to put people on a list for unlimited calling. But let's say I'd "like" to stay with AT&T but if it's a must, I would sacrifice some things for the ability to have a good phone.

Also, here's the other thread that I started: