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A lil issue with my droid..

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by MOTO_ROIDS, Jun 9, 2010.


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    Jun 9, 2010

    Jun 9, 2010
    Hi guys/gals, I just registerd new to your site here! How you guys/gals doin!? Well I have my own dilema but share's similar characteristics as others i have found and researched, but remains unresolved.. My original droid before my dumb@** ran it over with a car by accident was rooted successfully. Im not a noobie, nor an expert, but confident enought to follow directions, get files, drivers, sbf's, .zip and put them to use. This new phone I got as a replacement already has the firmware 2.1update1 on it and I wanted to refer it back to the 2.0.1. I installed the RDSlite, found the sbf file. I pluged the usb to phone, shut it off, held up on the D pad to where it showed the bootloader. Opened RDSlite, opened sbf file and hit start. It shows progress on the RDSlite wndo, but my droid doesnt indicate it recieving or processing the file like showing "SW update something, something". File on RDSlit finished, I waited till it was COMPLETELY done even though it said "Failed". I rebooted phone holding "X" then volume+ & camera. The list shows Reboot phone, install_update.zip, wipe phone, wipe cache. Nothing more. I hit update.zip, it fails.. then I reboot. Phone is on, I checked firmware under phone info and it remains 2.1update1.. So basically I cant root phone? possible hardare or software damage!?

    it functions fine, makes calls, email, web etc.. Just cant root..Any thoughts!?
    I apologize for the write up, I did do AL kids of research from google to youtube.. So here i am joining your Forums for any additional support I may find directly from you.

    TIA and thanks for reading!


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