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A Little Help Rooting PLEASE

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jhoward7414, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. jhoward7414

    jhoward7414 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Ok, spent about 8 hours last night trying to root my sensation 4g:(.... I don't think I got it right, I followed all the instructions that are included in the Post by SCARY ALIEN concerning hboot 1.27 I have unlocked the phone through htc dev and now have ***unlocked*** at the top of my boot loader screen so then, I clicked the link to run juopunutbears's radio s-off tool and I cannot get this to work properly.
    More Directly, in this link there is a step that tells me to open cmd and enter some command :

    • adb shell mv /data/local/tmp /data/local/tmp.orig
    • adb shell ln -s /data /data/local/tmp
    • adb reboot
    • adb shell "echo 'ro.kernel.qemu=1' > /data/local.prop"

    • adb reboot
    I do so and it tells me that the device is not found for all of these commands, it also resets my phone......:mad: Frustrating because when I type adb devices into my cmd pmpt it shows my device being connected.....
    also there is a step on this page that says to download and install drivers and reboot?!? where do I install them to because I have done this and it makes no difference in my outcome, I have attempted to skip ahead a step in hopes that my cmd didn't know what it was talking about, but when I run the program in this link ControlBearRelease, it tells me to install drivers and exit....
    Can someone please help?!?
    Thank you in advance

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  2. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary
    VIP Member

    Hey jhoward7414, welcome to the AndroidForums!

    Sorry you are having trouble rooting :(.

    I'm guessing you're referring to the all-things-root guide for the Sensation? (I didn't actually author any of the threads linked in there, I just helped seed the guide, so I don't have any personal knowledge or experience about rooting the Sensation).

    I'll ping some folks to see if they can chip-in and help you out (no promises on results or timeframes, but they are good, smart folks :)).

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  3. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    First take a deep breath, here are the drivers that they recommend :http://downloads.unrevoked.com/HTCDriver3.0.0.007.exe Second make sure that you have htcsync, iTunes and any other programs that might be trying to connect to the phone temporarily un installed. If you're still having problems and there's no one here to help head over to unlimited io's irc channel and considering that they wrote the tools there's numerous people who will be able to get you through this. Good luck. :D
  4. jhoward7414

    jhoward7414 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    O thanks for the info, if I am not mistaken these are the drivers that I ahve already installed but I am guessing that I have something that is preventing them from accessing my phone... But none the less since my phone is now sputtering because of the process being half done I have to get it done....
    Thanks again for all your help guys!!!
  5. jhoward7414

    jhoward7414 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Ok I got all that taken care of, but I seemed to have missed a step, I am unable to load clockwork mod and I have yet to figure out what I have done wrong..... I have from a previous phone purchased ROM manager Premium but when I open it it tells me that the SU binary file is missing???
    I am not sure what this means I did but please if you can help it would be great.
    on the up side my phone in bootloader now reads:
    Pyramid PVT Ship S-off RL
    hboot 1.27.111

    Thanks again for all your help
  6. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Try downloading super user from the Play Store and then run it and let it update itself and let's see if that helps.
  7. jhoward7414

    jhoward7414 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I did that prior to posting this last reply and it said that the binary file was missing and that it could not download it....
  8. jhoward7414

    jhoward7414 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    to be honest after 24 hours of this I am taking a break for a while.
    my phone remains in what I believe to be a half done root but to be honest I'm not really sure. the only thing I am sure of is that I did complete the s-off and I have unlocked hboot. the rest of it I am quite unsure of....

    About a year ago I succesfully rooted my HTC Eris and from what I remember it was a rather simple process which is why I figured I could do this to my sensation and maybe just maybe I could get this phone working at its appropriate grade, but it seems all I have really done is successfully voided my warranty and I don't even get any of the benifits from it....:(

    I will continue to check this thread if you happen to have any questions or advice.... I would absolutely love to get this device 100% rooted and operating on this ROM HTC Sensation AOKP 4.1.2 Review - YouTube
    but I have tried everything I can think of.....

    Thanks again for all your help, I hope there is more where that came from...
  9. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    There's also super su in the market, does the same thing, also I haven't worked on this phone in almost a year but why don't you just flash a pre rooted rom? Also download root checker from the market and see what it says. Get some rest and clear your head.
  10. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    since you were using the "no htcdev unlock method" did you successfully enter the second set of commands?

    i have no idea what affects leaving the temp root on the phone may cause,so if you havent done that successfully,you need to.

    above and beyoud that,you can flash your recovery of choice as a PG58IMG in hboot,or with the fastboot flash command in fastboot. you will not be able to install CW with rom manager

    after youve installed recovery,all you need to do is simply flash supersu in recovery.

    this thread has a link for supersu,and you can follow the step 2 directions for installing recovery: http://androidforums.com/sensation-4g-all-things-root/617740-guide-unlock-htcdev.html

    the sensation is a wonderful phone,and one of my first choices when im not using my vzw phone. just holler if you ave any questions,ill be happy to go into any more detail you need :)
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  11. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    cant just download superuser from the market,it will only install the app. need to flash it in recovery in order to install the app and binary :)
  12. jhoward7414

    jhoward7414 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thank you guys for all your help, after some much needed R&R I got it figured out and I am now operating at full capacity!!!!! I cannot thank you all enough!!!! Merry Christmas, Happy Hannuka Etc!!!!
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  13. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

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