A little more exposer..

Truth to be told:
Now I have turned off all my bg apps running, so I keep my Moto z 2 turbo idle for that time, so I leave it on sometimes up to eleven hours on accident, mind you, I am somewhat ocd of turning off my cellphones and tablets, oh every four hours, but with the tablet, I tend to leave a bit longer since it does not over heat as much. (Except for when it is charging, something with the usb port itself.. A little issue, but none the less it works pretty flowery), It drains the battery automatically, I do not have any apps open or any of that nature what so ever, usually I automatically turn off the bg apps running, it has been ages since I did read upon moto z turbo, but can you refresh my memory on what I can do to help it have the battery last longer? So yeah but that battery seem to idle some more though, given that fact, I have turned it off for about a few months or so, and still saids around eighty percent.

So any clues on how this can over heat, even with the Moto Edge Plus I have, it over heats so much towards the speaker with the edges themselves..
if you are charging devices will get hot. what do you consider over heating? is that all that happens? or does your device crash? run slow? how is the battery life? does it drain fast? you mentioned that you close apps running in the background apps. what apps are doing this? if you stop them, does the device run cooler?