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A little tip

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by exgenmeikoj, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. exgenmeikoj

    exgenmeikoj Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Ok so for all you flashers/modders i have a small info you share.

    I flashed the tbsg4 2.1v and it fixed my problem with led,lag, WiFi,3g etc.

    I came from gc01 stock deodex/debloated stock kernel. And it seems there was something causing this.

    I now know most deodex ROMs are not fitted for Daily use drivers. With this said i would be vary careful flashing them. (Mostly noted to noobs)

    (Note) I'm not saying all deodex ROMs are like this, just ones that have some major issues and bugs, or even little bugs that causes theses little headaches.

    Great work to the devs of touched by sg4 you made me and my phone vary proud! :D

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  2. Codegerm

    Codegerm Android Expert

    Hmm interesting. I remember hearing about issues from others running the deodexed GC01. I wonder if something is not set right in it.

    The GC01 from the SXTP site is an odexed version like normal stock would be. The main reason for deoxex is for easier modding and themes. You do pay a wait penalty on first boot on a deodexed ROM.
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  3. exgenmeikoj

    exgenmeikoj Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Vary true i only run deodex for less crap to take up room, but in a way pay a hefty fine. I got the gc01 off xda. The thread had a bunch of people claiming issues i should of run through and learned a little more. But i guess this is a great lesson to learn :D. Thanks for the confirmation code your the best.

    The main problem i had with the gc01 from xda was, led WiFi lag and 3g taking for ever to start.

    Then it would reboot on and off causing huge battery drain.
    If you ran a custom kernel, any app would disappear if installing a new one. Just stuffike that.
  4. Codegerm

    Codegerm Android Expert

    Well I do recommend the STXP version of the ROM. Being odexed isn't real bad on space esp if you debloat the garbage apps you never use.

    [ROM][ODIN][TAR]SPH-D710BST GC01 (GC01 Modem/Kernel/ROM - Root/Stock)

    For kernel I like Garwynns one. It doesn't support OC, but I don't think the phone needs it, and you can get Tegrak Overclock from the play store to make it OC on this or the stock kernel.

    [KERNEL][JB][SOURCE][BST] GC01 + Agat's Recovery

    There are mods available for Odexed ROMs and you can do per app dpi easily with the Xposed framework.

    I am on GB27 since I have been on it and the TW JB ROMs in general from FK23 on, and chose to stay on it because I had removed the bloat apps anyway nor care about it saying Sprint on the labeling.
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  5. exgenmeikoj

    exgenmeikoj Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Honestly i just flashed the garwynns kernel and i love it. Its fast charging and works like wonders with tbsg4 ROM

    I had agats 1.4.0 and it was vary slow charge and fast battery drain, i just got off work and NY phone has been dead for 4 hours. On a 100% complete charge airplane mode and not doing anything with it. Stay clear of the agar kernel as well. I personnelly think the phone does not need oc its already strong enough. But IMO for me,
  6. NosTraDomus

    NosTraDomus Well-Known Member

    yes, i have to charm in as well, the 4g/3g, lag...battery issues...it was bad, i thought it was a bad flash, and that ill just wait till a Nice rom comes out, like TBSg4 2.1

    since this rom, no more issues.
  7. bilgerryan

    bilgerryan Android Enthusiast

    Ummm.... TBSGS4 is deodex. Deodex ROMs work just fine as daily drivers, I haven't been on an odex ROM in months, I have no bugs with any of the things you mentioned... Don't get me wrong TBSGS4 is a great ROM, but it is deodex so your assumption with deodex ROMs is a little flawed. No ill intent, I just don't want your post to deter people from trying some of the great deodex ROMs out there.
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  8. Codegerm

    Codegerm Android Expert

    I agree, being on a deodexed ROM isn't a bad thing. However the deodexed GC01 one has been showing some issues with users. I think the problem is specific to that ROM. As to what exactly has been causing the problem in it I can't say. I haven't herd of the problems happening on other deodexed ROMs, and have mainly herd good things from the custom TW JB builds like TBGS4, Project X, Jellyverse, etc
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  9. oamilcar

    oamilcar Android Enthusiast

    I created my own deodex Rom and that's what a been using since the 3rd day I bought my phone not 1 big issue yet :knocking on wood: that will cause me to go back to odex Rom.
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  10. bilgerryan

    bilgerryan Android Enthusiast

    Odex has better system performance (not a large difference, but it is there), deodex is easier to mod and takes up less space... Simple as that
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  11. exgenmeikoj

    exgenmeikoj Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I wasn't saying that deodex ROMs are bad i was stating that the ROM in was using had problems i been running deodex ROMs for a while now and always been good reports
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