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A Mac 10.8 User is Sucessfull with the Rooting/Recovery/Rom Installing of LG Optimus M 2.2.2.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rasutagal, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. rasutagal

    rasutagal Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am not sure how interested anybody is in this. But I am totally new to Androids and smartphones at all (only used my phone for a month) infact the only touchscreen I have had is an iTouch.
    But I wanted to open a thread (and probably do a YT video) about the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to android and macbook pro.

    Long story short, even tho initially I was able to root my phone with gingerbreak (didnt work a 2nd time around, how to use this dummy proof three click, while running a virtual software (WINDOWS 7 BEST OPTION) from a .iso file) I didn't do ENOUGH research and was fooled by the elusive Rom manager. I know I know, I weep... :(

    I was stuck in fastboot mode for a while. The only thing that worked was to do the whole LGNPST routine. AFTER I HAD INSTALLED MOUNTAIN LION, RE-INSTALLED PARALLELS (for free of course cause I wasn't gonna pay 50 for a program I had already...seriously if you need the program I have it. They are crooks :p)
    I had to find a Windows 7 .iso file with activation key (thankfully my uncle is a Microsoft fanatic). THEN I ran LGNSPT

    The whole program worked. And I was relieved. Also Parallels and Windows 7 was running just like a PC and I could toggle between it and my mac.

    Now here is the REAL HARD PART. A lot of the files that I had to download to get my MEID, MSL, etc. etc. back just didn't work for some reason. I found that it took a couple tries to restore everything BUT my phone number and MIN.
    For that I was like heeey, I'll call metro no big deal.
    I had to call 5 times to find someone competent who could just give me my MIN. I had to get irate lol.

    Originally the dude tried the service code to enter manual program and lo and behold they all said the same thing (that didn't work btw), so I decided to do net info again and figured out it is the MSL. Great! Got thru to the menu. Call a 4th time the dude kept telling me the way my menu looked was wrong but he wouldnt tell me what it was supposed to be :p. 5th time I call the competent one probably heard my frustration lol. He gave me the MIN code to set and VOILA FULL SERVICE IS BACK.

    I tried one more time to hack phone cause yall know this metro crap cannot stay, it will drive you mad lol. So I decide to try gingerbreak and cwm again, but install miui instead.
    lol no, gingerbreak doesn't wanna work. Then I remember, BOOM THREE CLICK. I CAN DO THE THREE CLICK THING CAUSE I HAVE VIRTUAL WINDOWS. (I felt like a winner.) And now I have superuser again :D.

    the best thing mac ppl can do is get a virtual windows 7 and realize metro is garbahge on a hot Floridian day when it comes to customer service.
    btdubbs all this took a week of no sleep to figure out o_O lol

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  2. Renton23

    Renton23 Newbie

    That... was an epic journey. Thank you for sharing.
  3. rasutagal

    rasutagal Lurker
    Thread Starter

    LOL! I figured other Mac users had issues with rooting, etc on android.

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