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Is the S8+ worth it?

Are folk still enjoying it? What are the annoyances etc?

I'm due my upgrade on Saturday and for an age, the s8+ was it. However, I had the opportunity to muck about with the ZX Premium last week and my head was potentially turned. The XZ is also receiving pretty favourable reviews so now I'm not so sure.


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My wife's boss just got the S8+ coming from the S6. I'm pretty sure he's clueless, though. He tends to simply go with whatever is newest and listens to the sales reps in the store.

Honestly, I have only seen one S8 in the wild (at the grocery store) and the woman who had it was buying food with a WIC card (public assistance). :thinking:


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Honestly, I have only seen one S8 in the wild (at the grocery store) and the woman who had it was buying food with a WIC card (public assistance). :thinking:
Actually that's a good point: although you can't get near a phone shop without seeing posters or display stands for the S8 I've never seen one in the wild yet. Admittedly at this time of year I don't spend so much time there myself (spent the last fortnight marking exams), but I hadn't thought of that until you mentioned it.
I have had my S8+ for a couple of weeks. I finally upgraded from my S4 because it quit charging. That was about 2 months ago and I have been using the lowly iPhone S6+, which I immediately hated and have despised ever since.

My impressions of the S8+ are that it is perfect for what I need. I'll refrain from comparing it to the iPhone because IT has so many inferior qualities that ... well, there's a reason we all have Androids! The additional RAM of the S8+ overcame all the issues I had with the S4. The newest Android operating system is a little better than the one on my S4. At least I can save stuff to the microSD card on this one, and the S4 had not allowed that after an OS update. I am using the same SD card, so I know it was not a card issue.

Some of the things I like: I can group my contacts and assign ring tones to each group. My family has a few bars of the Pointer Sisters "We Are Family" as the ring tone. My CPA & banks have the opening from Pink Floyd's "Money" as the ring tone. My doctors and pharmacy all have a siren for their ringtone. My co-workers all have the default AT&T ring tone (because that is my employer), and everyone who is not in my address book has a few bars of Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" as the ringtone. I do like this camera better - no so much because of it's greater resolution (seriously, the S4 took very adequate pics for my needs), but because of the new features.

I like that I can access files that I could never do on the iPhone (ok, I lied). I keep a copy of my divorce decree just in case the ex wants to argue a point. I keep my Excel spreadsheet that contains all my passwords (it is password protected, too). ALL my music is available on my SD card without any issues, whether I copied it from CDs, recorded it from vinyl, or downloaded it from anywhere at anytime.

One of the things I like is that it has a certain amount of water resistance. I was lucky when I walked into the swimming pool with my S4 in my pocket - it only took 2 days for it to dry out adequately to start working again.

One of the things that I do NOT like about it is the Edge screen. When I am playing certain games, I hold the phone in landscape orientation, and my right hand pinky finger tends to activate something on the edge.

Another thing I do not like about it is it's size. Actually, I have a love-hate relationship with this phone's size. I like that it is bigger and there is more screen territory. I do not like that it is bigger and does not fit into my belt pouch like all my other phones. I actually have to put it in a zipper slot instead of the clip-strap slot, making it more difficult to see who is calling. But, I will sacrifice the inconvenience for the clarity.

I swore I would never buy another Samsung product when my Samsung pad quit charging a month after the warranty expired and Samsung refused to fix it - even at my own expense. They said they could not replace the charging port (I suspected my daughter had broken the microUSB tab in it). But, when I finally had to break down and get a new Android, there really was no other choice, at any price.

Hope this helps.


I came to the S8+ from a long line of HTC phones. I would have a new HTC phone now but they have not produced anything lately that called my name. I have a Samsung tablet that continues to serve me well so I thought I'd give their phone a go.

My first impression was good. I was impressed with the build and the overhead of the UI isn't offensive. I'm still in the adapting mode as I find my way about the phone. I miss the Sense overlay of HTC but not really. I'm liking what I see and finding it quite easy to accomplish the task at hand with the S8+.

The phone is big. Much larger than what I'm accustomed to. I love the screen size but it is a bit difficult to remove from the pocket in a timely fashion. My work-a-round was to invest in a Sammy Gear S3 Frontier. I can now quickly answer calls and texts from the watch and use the phone for browsing etc at my leisure. Between the two, I am a very happy camper.

The battery life is outstanding on the S8+. I can manage two days between charges... beats what I'm accustomed to by 36 hours. I enjoy the inductive charge ability as well. With an Otter Defender case one has to take care to place it centered on the charger but it works fine.

I'm not a big photo buff. I see something I want a pic of.. it works. What I have captured so far were clear, true colors, and well focused. Beyond that... I'm not one to ask. The camera is quick... that I do like. There is zero hesitation from click to pic.

I have found the radios in the S8+ to be superior to that of my M8. I spend many weekends in an area that has very marginal coverage from my carrier. The Sammy is better at finding and locking into what little coverage I have. It definitely has a better data connection than I've experienced in the past.

The edge screen is cool enough. It's not as easy to pull out the edge as it should be. Maybe my fingers are too worn out to be detected. It works.. not always on my first attempt to pull out the edge screen.

Bixby.. well.. it's ok I guess. They added voice to Bixby shortly after my purchase. So, it's ok I guess. Certainly not a feature that would influence my decision to buy.

The phone is very quick... all but seamless between screens and apps. I'm not a gamer but I suspect the processor and screen combo would make the S8+ a big winner in the market. In my everyday use... it's incredible.

I'm liking the phone. I have no buyers remorse. I would purchase this phone again without any problem.


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What I like about the phone:
- amazing display
- amazing design
- fast charging
- decent battery

What I don't like:
- front and back glass panel scratch easily just by simply sliding in and out of my "clean" and "sand-free" pocket
- touchwiz still lags sometimes
- mono speaker
- fingerprint scanner location

To answer your question: is it worth buying? Wait for the Note 8.