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A N00b trying to get Rooted

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wyvilledog, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. wyvilledog

    wyvilledog Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi, I have a HTC Desire which I have got on contract from O2. I am looking to root my phone and install and run a custom ROM. :)

    So, why am I starting this tread, well basically I

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  2. MandaNick

    MandaNick Well-Known Member

    While I have not yet even rooted(stupid hboot 1.06!!), I believe you will want to create a goldcard before starting the rooting process. This will enable you to use any HTC Desire RUU, in the case of a disaster. :)
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  3. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    Make a gold card. It's NOT individual to the phone its made on. You can even make it in a card reader. It can also be your everyday sd card. Partitioning the card will break the gold card so you will have to re upload the sd image to the card afterwards.

    You need to use AmonRA yes.

    The ara build is an Arab build so you don't need to worry there
  4. wyvilledog

    wyvilledog Member
    Thread Starter

    I was under the impression that you root before making a Goldcard so thanks for the heads up!

    I think either I may have mis-read what you wrote on your FAQ SUroot, or you think I mean something else but as copied and pasted from your FAQ Rooting guide:

    "Some branded RUU's simply do not exist, so you need a gold card to install a generic one. Unfortunately, each gold card is individual for the phone it was made on and your phone needs to be completely working to make it"

    So I think you mean the SD card is just any old every day SD card but the file that will be saved to it is indivdual? :thinking:

    Quick question, but does it matter what size the Micro SD card is? Only it's cheaper to buy 2Gb than 1Gb! :eek:
  5. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    thanks for pointing that out. That was previously the belief but we know that not be to true. Gold card is not unique to the phone.

    And you dont need 2 sd cards. You can have one and it can be your normal card AND gold.
  6. wyvilledog

    wyvilledog Member
    Thread Starter

    Just to get this straight, I need an SD card or a Mirco SD card?

    I always assumed when people were talking about an SD card that they were in fact talking about a micro SD card (which happens alot to me in the example that I am about to give in that I string badminton rackets and you can get BG65 and BG65Ti strings. However, most people say they have BG65 strings when in fact they have the Ti version, I never understand why this happens, but it does! :D).

    Secondly, once I've made a Goldcard, can this then be used as a normal card (the remaining space?).

    I was planning on getting another card to make a Goldcard and then keep it somewhere safe! :D

    And as you can see about it being individual to the phone, I have read (or attempted to), your FAQ so I am not being lazy! :p :D

    I am glad I started this thread now as it looks like alot of things will become clearer to me as I go along :)
  7. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    Ok, Yeah when we refer to SD, we refer to MicroSD which the desire takes. Once you make a gold card, it can still be used for photos, music etc. If you want to get a second card (cheap one), then its a good idea but not essential.

    The card can be tiny as it only really writes to the boot.
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  8. wyvilledog

    wyvilledog Member
    Thread Starter

    So it can be any SD card but not ideal to have it on the phone card in case the card screws up or the phone screws the card?

    I have a MicroSD card in my DS, I could just use that? Is the Goldcard a file, would I be able to transfer the Goldcard to my PC to keep as another copy? Are you basically saving the ROM or RUU as it is now?

    I am also worried about losing my phone book, SMS and bookmarks that I have saved using Opera Mini, how do I do that?

    Thinking about it, I can save SMS and phone book using a PC program called " My Phone Explorer ".

    Won't have time now to make Gold card so will try over weekend and then attempt rooting next week
  9. lucky dog! wish mine still had hboot .93. i am stuck with stock 2.2 with unrootable 1.06.
  10. ducky1979

    ducky1979 Android Expert

    i just used the 4gb card i got with the phone and ive kept it in a safe place, and ive kept the email with the image on it. i now use a 16gb class 10 card for everyday!
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  11. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    Ive never known a phone screw up a gold card. Not even formatting screws it up. Only partitioning. The gold card image can be backed up onto PC but it can only be used for the sd card it was made for. The image is written to the boot sector of the SD card.

    It doesnt save anything, it just spoofs the Carrier ID (branding of the phone) so your branded phone can be used with non branded or other branded RUU's.

    Rooting itself doesn't wipe anything. Flashing custom roms, you should wipe everything, but once you're rooted you can back up pretty much everything. Lets ccover that when we get there though.
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  12. ducky1979

    ducky1979 Android Expert

    i never knew you had a stutter!! :p
  13. O-LAmdroid

    O-LAmdroid Android Enthusiast

    I just used "UnrEVOked 3" to root my HTC Desire... You download it, make sure you have the HTC drivers installed (You can do so by installing "HTC Sync", then un-installing it, because HTC Sync interrupts the UnrEVOked 3 process, but when you un-install HTC Sync, leave "HTC Drivers Installer" there), plug in your phone via USB cable, let it find your device, allow it to run the process, then unplug it, and your phone is rooted! You'll need to install the latest version of "Superuser Permissions" though because it has the old version. Hope this helps...:)
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  14. wyvilledog

    wyvilledog Member
    Thread Starter

    What is your reason for wanting to root though? If it is to get Gingerbread, it shouldn't be too much longer before it gets released. ;)

    If it is to remove stock apps to help phone run faster, I think you can now get apps or programs that enable you to do this.

    So whilst you are currently unable to root your phone, there are other things you can do instead so not all is lost. :)

    Chin up! :D
  15. wyvilledog

    wyvilledog Member
    Thread Starter

    QQquite :D:D
  16. wyvilledog

    wyvilledog Member
    Thread Starter

    I totally agree! :D

    I have now brought a microSD card off someone at work so I will use this instead and then keep it in a safe place. The reason I was reluctant on using my SD card that I use for my DS was in case I accidently delete the file or something but this way the worst that can happen is I lose the SD card! :D

    I will print off the instructions on what to do an tackle it over the weekend. Phase I now in motion! :D

    Keep up the good work guys and gals :)
  17. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    You can't delete the file just so you know. Its written to the boot sector. You can't write to that without special applications.
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  18. wyvilledog

    wyvilledog Member
    Thread Starter

    Just planning ahead and reading the instructions. Was fine until I got to this bit

    1. Click get CID (Try clicking MMC0 if MMC1 fails)
    2. Click the link to open the goldcard generator, copy the CID from the tool into it. You will get an email.
    3. Enable USB Mass Storage on your phone.
    4. Click 'Refresh' in the app and select your micro SD card.
    5. Click 'Load goldcard.img' and select the file you received by email.
    6. Click 'Patch MMC'
    7. You now have a goldcard!
    1 - Where do I click to get CID? On the PC or on the phone? Where is this menu?
    2 - Open the goldcard tool generator and copy and paste the CID into the generator. Does it ask me for a e-mail address? My PC has no internet connection, will this be a problem?

    3 - Where do I find this?

    4 - It is confusing when you say app, I think of the phone and say programs when using a PC. Click refresh on the PC via Goldcard tool?

    I kind of understand what is going on (I think). Basically you e-mail yourself the code from your phone and use the program to save it to the SD card? I will have to either download the file that comes with the e-mail using my phone (then I would need to reformat SD card again?) or I will have to use my dad's PC which is connected to the internet to do all of this?

    I was trying to keep everything on my PC to aviod annoying others but I can still do everything else via my PC but this bit needs internet connection? :thinking:

    You guys must love me by now.......... :D

    Oh, and will I still need a branded RUU or will this be my generic one for my phone? I need to know if I still need to find my brand RUU.
  19. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    Yeah this is a programme on PC called gold card tool.

    The interface is thus:

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  20. wyvilledog

    wyvilledog Member
    Thread Starter

    Would this be best to all be done on a PC that has internet connection?


    Picture means more than a thousand words! Thanks, that helps a lot.
    How do I enable USB Mass Storage on my phone?
  21. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    Its just activating disk drive mode or whatever its called on a sense rom.

    You need internet connectivity yes, but you could save the CID in a text file and copy it to sd, then copy the cid from the text file (you could put the url there too) and do it that way. File emailed to your phone, then put it on SD and move back to pc.
  22. wyvilledog

    wyvilledog Member
    Thread Starter

    I right click on the Goldcard tool programme and select OK (I am the only user on the PC and set up as Admin and don't have a password set up) but I keep getting "the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click OK to terminate the application."

    What do I do now? Is the programme I have downloaded corrupt? Help!
  23. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    What about double click?

    If you downloaded by phone its possible yeah.
  24. wyvilledog

    wyvilledog Member
    Thread Starter

    Double click brings up the same message.

    No I downloaded it from my PC at work, not sure how to download it from Opera Mini as I have just tried to
  25. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    Try the built in browser

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