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A network error has occured

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PaulBrinkley, Aug 14, 2013.

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    Tried some of the things listed above, none of which worked. :-( This is a T-Mobile G2X.

    I wish there were some consolidation of the tips here. To try each one, only to encounter failure, gets trying on the nerves, especially when I'm under a deadline to get some data online and I can't because of this phone problem.

    To be precise, only T-Mobile Mall's Applications and Games report this error. Ringtones and CallerTunes both work just fine. I don't understand how only two features of a downloader app that presumably ought to be using the same network would fail in a way that requires anything more drastic than a restart of the phone, but see below.

    Going to try to summarize everything here:

    • Reboot the phone - same error.
    • Flipped WiFi on, then off - same error. (I typically never use WiFi anyway. I'm on a 4G network, if my phone is to be believed.)
    • Try phone call, check for "not registered on network" - phone calls work fine.
    • Visit a few websites to "train" the phone - websites come in fine (it's plausible that this was some sort of DNS problem), but Applications still doesn't.
    • Update the OS - seriously, would this need an OS update?? Anyway, OS reports it's the latest version.
    • Settings > Data Manager > Data Delivery > Data enabled - no such setting under Settings. Anyway, data is clearly on, as I can tell if I try to email a picture to myself.
    • Change DNS server to Google's - apparently the only way to do that is through an app. This may very well be the most aggravating thing I've seen yet. Skip.
    • Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset - hmm. After a check to ensure it wouldn't in fact delete all the pictures and video that I needed to get off this phone using an app I couldn't download because the app store is broken, I tried this. Then I had to resync my phone with my Google account, and put a few apps back on my quickbar(?), and a few others won't be there for a while because I have to download them again, as expected. Mall > Applications > ...network error. Same as before. Wait: my phone now re-detects several months worth of software upgrades, so I wait an hour and a half... network error still.

      Summary: going through all these steps has made my phone less usable.

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