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Mods A new kind of Project

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by Steven Schroeder, Nov 10, 2019 at 7:34 PM.

  1. Steven Schroeder

    Thread Starter

    I need some help literally Stripping an S8 or Note 5. Many times I have rooted devices for my own use however, I have never tried to take away many of the main device functionality on purpose.


    I have an older brother whom is Autistic and now 46 years old. Music is his thing, there is no other for him. I'm 40 and when I was a child he had 200 some odd cassette tapes. Listened to them all day. The writing was worn off all of them. But let me tell you he would dump out this chest of tapes, you could ask him for an artist he had in that huge pile, and in a matter of seconds he would pull it out. That is one of his special gifts.....

    Now a few years ago we got him to go to Cd's which was quite a feat on it's own. Now he carries a discman and 150 Cd's. This is getting harder and harder to keep up with. We tried getting him to use a tablet but he would touch something and get frustrated as it was too much for him to operate.

    MP3 Players:

    This is what we are currently wanting to try. He can read and write, so that is not an issue. The very basic ones have no display, the others that are larger and easier to read (his vision isn't the greatest as he has lost vision in one eye) BUT, they also have bunch of other stuff that he can get into where we may have the tablet issue above again...... Everything he has is on mp3, 4000+ no streaming ability needed, or BT.


    Is there ANYONE that has a solution? I need basic MP3 player via a phone completely stripped to the core or one that someone knows that they can get the other apps out (books, etc.) Forcing a phone into a kids mode maybe with no bloatware would be great as well. I have an S8 and Note 5 that mean nothing to me.

    Comments welcome and any help would be appreciated.... Dallas TX.....



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