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A new Meep firmware update: version 2.1

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MeepTablet, May 22, 2013.

  1. MeepTablet

    MeepTablet Member
    Thread Starter

    Dear Meep Customers,

    We’re pleased to announce the release of our new firmware upgrade version 2.1, which is applicable for all prior software versions of MEEP! This firmware upgrade greatly improves the overall user-experience and performance of the MEEP! particularly on the MEEP! Chat communicator and picture viewer.

    Additionally, as a highly requested feature, the Meep will now allow parents to register, set up, and manage the MEEP! Together parental setting on the MEEP! tablet itself. Your child can now simply hand his/her MEEP! to you to approve their requests for Meep! Coins, game downloads or friend approval. For easy access to Google Play downloads, the 2.1 firmware also separates Google Play items from our MEEP! Store. And you will be able to go to Google Play directly on the MEEP! through the MEEP! Together parental setting.

    You will receive an update notification within the next couple of weeks when you turn on your MEEP! and connect it to Wi-Fi. You can choose to simply tap on it to start downloading the OTA, or you can choose to do it later and in that case, the notification will keep popping up on your MEEP! as a daily reminder to update its firmware.

    Thank you, and happy Meeping!

    Yours sincerely,
    Oregon Scientific Xplore Team

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  2. MeepTablet

    MeepTablet Member
    Thread Starter

    Updates have started going out overnight. If you don't receive the automatic notification today, the Ota App will be available in the Meep Store and through Google Play. If you already have the Ota App, connect your Meep to Wifi and you should see the latest version (2.1.2) as available for you to update.
  3. MeepTablet

    MeepTablet Member
    Thread Starter

    2.1.2 is here! Our newest firmware update is ready for your Meep. If you did not receive an automatic notification on your Meep prompting you to update, you can obtain the Ota in one of the following 3 ways:

    Option 1: If you already have the Ota App from our 2.0 update in your Apps folder, you can simply tap on the icon to begin the Ota. Note: This app is now a system app and will forever remain on your Meep. Most people will choose the left-hand option labeled 'Download and Install'. If this does not work for you, if you receive any error messages, then you will want to use the right-side method, 'Mac/PC method' which will avoid download errors. Instructions for that method can be found here: MEEP! OTA PC Download
    Option 2: If you do not have the Ota App on your Meep, you may obtain it in the Meep Store (you will need to have parental controls set to allow Meep Store use). The App will download into the Apps folder, and you will then proceed as above with the final installation.
    Option 3: If you do not have the App on your Meep and cannot connect to the Meep Store, you may also obtain the Ota App through GooglePlay (you will need to have the parental controls set to allow GooglePlay use). Because of a recent issue with GooglePlay and their latest update (see our post on April 29th about this), you may need to download from GooglePlay's website on a computer over Wifi to your Meep. You would login to GooglePlay on a computer with the Meep's Gmail address as created through the parent portal on the Meep, and then select OSGD as the device to install to. Once the App is downloaded to your Apps folder, you'll need to complete the process of Option 1 for the final installation.
  4. MeepTablet

    MeepTablet Member
    Thread Starter

    Our development team has asked us to share the following important information. This applies for anyone who has not yet performed the 2.1.2 firmware (OTA) update and for all future OTA's for Meep:
    The following information applies for all future OTA's on Meep and is important to prevent operational issues with your Meep:

    Our development team has just made us aware of some issues that may occur while performing the 2.1 OTA update or afterwards. It is strongly recommended that you plug your MEEP! using the power cord into a wall outlet before performing the OTA update. This will ensure that the OTA can successfully complete.

    While your OTA may download and install correctly without plugging in, we are finding some files may be affected and cause future problems. The best thing to do is to plug your Meep into the wall during any OTA update.
  5. ur3ec

    ur3ec Lurker

    I have this tablet, but it cant loading.
    I cant input CWM for format.
    Can I update it with LiveSuit?
  6. MeepTablet

    MeepTablet Member
    Thread Starter

    Hello ur3ec! I hope I am understanding you correctly- are you saying this Meep will not boot up? Is it stuck in the loading screen? There are a couple of things you can try for this- both rebooting (turning the Meep fully off and on again) and also the reset button on the back of the Meep. If this is the issue and neither method will resolve it, then please contact your local call centre or retailer of purchase as it then is considered a hardware issue. If you can boot up, you must use the Ota App to install updates- you can get the update file from our website, but you still must use the App to run the update itself- there is no way to update other than with the App.

  7. ur3ec

    ur3ec Lurker

    Yes, I understand. It impossible revive with livesuit and phoenix. I flashed it with some flashfiles for A10 processor, but touchscreen is no work.
  8. MeepTablet

    MeepTablet Member
    Thread Starter

    If the touchscreen does not work at all, then it's definitely a hardware matter- nothing we can solve remotely. My best suggestion is to contact either your local call center or the retailer where you purchased it. -=Jill

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