Dec 13, 2009
Sorry guys, I have looked all over and I cant quite seem to find this problem im having...

When im texting someone, it stays in threading mode, which is fine. When i hit home or whatever to get out of messaging, whenever i get another text, lets say its from another person. I can pull down my notification bar, click the new text, and it just opens up the text i was last in. I think its weird how it wont open the next text message, possibly because the app was running in the background the whole time?

Hmm, if i make no sense let me know, ill try to explain :\

Thanks in advance,

Instead of hitting Home to exit, hit the Back button. I think that is what you are looking for. Give that a try.

So when im done sending a text, I need to hit back, then home?

They should let it just exit when you hit home, when it comes to the text messaging anyway, because it would be better for it to just open the new text message when it comes through, you digg?
I rec'd texts tonight - I wasn't texting or using my phone...and they went into the last message I had rec'd didn't register as the proper contact (which was on my phone)....and did not show up in their own window...

I deleted those messages and tried a test from someone in my phone contact list - it put them in the message of person last again! Is this what you mean!?

I have had several issues that popped up today including this one, as well as my music program turning itself on, fast forwarding, and the phone button being stuck. It was all very random today.