a noob, i know, i know


hey there fellas.
just entered the android world right before christmas. it was a toss up between the r2d2 droid and the vortex. i chose the vortex because it felt better to me. the accessibility and responsiveness is what sold me on it. as i am with my desktop at home, i wanted to fiddle with my new device and get rid of the shit that i would never us, bloatware, system apps, and was concerned about everything in the background running up my mem and cpu. a savvy friend explained and showed me how to root with z4. upgraded to 2.2.1 and lost the root. z4 has been acting strange ever since. i'm not a super technical guy but love to fiddle and can usually fix what i break. i've read about unrevoked and downgrading to 2.2, but still not sure if i could do it. are there any alternatives?