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General A over stuffed app problem with with a HTC phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by reble, Jun 24, 2016.

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    Sep 1, 2012

    Sep 1, 2012
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    This is a HTC opcv1 cell phone that belongs to my 11 yr old nephew. I gave it to him when I upgraded to a new phone. My service is with Boost mobile. My nephew's phone has no service on it other then he can connect to a wifi at home or anywere that it is free. He plays games on it, watch's YouTube and takes pictures. the phones speed has slowed to a snails pace. The time it takes to load up a You Tube video a snail can win the 100 yard dash race. He has over stuffed the phone with pictures and app's. I took my 16gb sd card out with my stuff on it and put it in my new phone. And the 2gb sd card that I put in for him was formatted and setup to store pictures on the sd card. I looked at the phone tonight. The sd card was unformatted and everything was been stored in the phone it self. The phone is not rooted. I unrooted the phone and made it a stock phone before giving it to him. I don't who or what someone did to the phone (he does let his friends play with it). The phone is stuffed to the gills with app's. I already moved his pictures to the sd card which freed up some space. And changed the camera back to storing pictures on the sd card. But I can't fig out what all is in the phone in the way of apps's. There is a lot more then I can see. I an still sorta a newbee when it comes to Android. I am a Windows tech. Short of just resetting the phone to stock and he loses everything. I don't know enough to beable to say this app can go and this one stays as far as what is needed to make the phone work. I am uploading a few screen captures. Ps I can't find this model of HTC phone in this forums list.


    Screenshot phone storage.jpg pj's phone on the laptop.jpg


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