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A plea to Android developers - Please leave us the 1.5 apps

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by mjschmidt, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. mjschmidt

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    This is a plea to Android devs. You may or may not be aware that Canadian customers of Rogers Wireless are stuck with Android 1.5 on our HTC Dreams, Magics, and LG Eves.

    Rogers and HTC are currently playing the blame game, but the bottom line is, they have no plans to release 1.6 (or even 2.0 it would seem) for our phones. Instead they are only planning minor fixes to 1.5 because, as per HTC, they feel that 1.5 is a stable platform.

    As a result, not only can we not use apps made only for 1.6 and above, but if you remove your 1.5 versions from the Market Place when you create a new 1.6/2.0 version, we can't get those 1.5 versions any more.

    Not all users are comfortable with rooting (and we don't want to risk voiding our warranty by screwing it up), so that isn't an option for the majority of us.

    So, please, pretty please... if you create a new 1.6/2.0 version of your app, please leave us an older 1.5 version? (ie. Tricorder, FreshFace, etc).

    Thanks for everything you can, and do, do. :)


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