Help A problem with my F3...

The other day i was just sitting there and my screen turned completely blue. I wasnt able to turn it off properly so i opened it up and i pulled the battery. Now, my phone has been having a lot of problems. I was able to turn the phone on, and however it crashes with no error messages or anything maybe a minute later. It is not the battery, as it is fully charged. I decided to hard reset my phone. I am still able to turn on my phone, however, after around 5 minutes, it crashes. no error messages or anything. it just goes black. Any idea what it might be and why? or a solution? anything is helpful, thanks.


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Time to claim insurance if u have one.
Or try to get it repair at some good shop.
Its a hardware issue for sure


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3 months should be within warranty period. New ones are around $150 anyway, so insurance wouldn't be worth it.