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A question about Root Explorer, and one about transferring music.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Melani, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Melani

    Melani Lurker
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    I'm running FroYo. My phone is rooted, and I've installed Root Explorer. Am I correct in believing that I can use Root Explorer to remove bloatware? If so, how do I go about finding it? There are so many folders, and I'm more than a little confused. I did find some stock apps and some I had downloaded(I think at system>app), but I did not find bloatware I could delete, like Uno, Pocket Express, My Extras, etc. Where can I find these apps? If I can;t delete with RE, what(besides Titanium Backup, which doesn't work) can I use?

    My second problem is not root related. When I was running Android 2.1, I was able to connect my phone to the computer, click on open files and folders, easily find music and pictures I had downloaded to my phone, and transfer them to my computer. Since I upgraded to 2.2, when I click on open files and folders I get 2 folders(document and drivers, neither of which contain anything I've downloaded), autorun, and mobile partner. That's it. I can't find any music, pictures, or anything. Can anyone help?

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