Help A question about the Ace. (Minimising and closing)

I just got this phone, and it didn't really come with a very informative manual (even though I got it on contract). What does the physical button do? Is it minimising things, or closing them? If it's minimising things, how do I get them back? If it's not, how do I minimise things? How do I properly close apps? Atm I'm just pressing the back button and then killing them with Advanced Task Killer.
Speaking of that app, every time I use it there are apps I didn't open waiting to be killed, why are these appearing? They're any number of things, skype, email, gmail, facebook, etc.

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Hi! I'm new to Android and I just got this phone. I get 1GB of internet on my contract per month. I'm trying not to exceed it so I used wi-fi at home. (I connect it to my house's router, my laptop also has 'intel my wi-fi technology', though I'm unsure what that does.)

Anyway, so I was going out and I noticed my data usage going up, from background programs I guess, because I'd left my house. I decided to turn the internet off, so I unchecked "use package data" under mobile network settings and this seemed to do this trick. Anyways, so I was on the bus and I got bored, so I decided I'd go ahead and use up some of my data allowance. I re-checked "use package data" and I got a pop-up saying "Connecting via packet data may incur additional charges. Continue?". I was worried so I pressed no, but then later I decided that because it was only


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its the mobile internet signal you are getting on some areas wherein 3G is weak or not will still deduct from your monthly 3G allocation.

try installing an apps called 3G watchdog, it might help


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the 3g and h show which type of data connection your on. 3g stands for 3g connection and H stands for hspda (which is faster). They just show which connection your getting.

As for packet data. If you switch off it wont connect to data network. all internet etc can only use wifi or packet data (the above 3g/h are packet data - as is g (which stands for GPRS which is a slower 2g connection) if you turn it back on the warning is there just to point out that it may cost you. If you have a data plan and stay inside it it wont.

Android syncs apps in the background anyway so you may notice the data connection icons active even when you are not using internet.

My advice, use wifi when home and just use the phone as you want to and see how much data you have used. if your getting near the 1gb then adjust your usage. 1gb will be plenty for everyday use.


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Home button to minimize apps, right button to close them. To open minimized apps, press home button for about 2 seconds, you will see recent apps list.