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Dec 23, 2009
Kokomo, Indiana
Well, after seeing the troubles with the StealthGuards and positive reviews from an owner of a Otterbox, I purchased myself one off eBay.

First off, I chose the Defender line. Toughest of the tough. I've seen videos of people throwing their phones out two story windows without damage. Not that I've tried it or anything.

After popping the case out of the package, the first thing I noticed was the three layers of protection: rubber bumper, hard plastic shell, and "clear membrane". Clear membrane seems more like a euphemism for plexiglass in my opinion, but it is built-in to the hard plastic case. This removes that pesky step of applying a film protector that never looks right.

Assembling the case was very easy. The hard case snaps together and then goes over the rubber bumper. I did notice that the rubber seal (by the microphone) needed a little adjustment as well as the bumper itself. After about a minute of adjusting the phone was in. When they say protection, they mean it. Aside from drowning the phone or it being run over by a car, it makes the phone seems near indestructible.

These were the only faults I seen with the case:

No desktop or car dock use. You can't get to the pin connectors at the bottom. Not a huge loss and the case is easily removed so you can put it in the docks if you want to spent a minute or two doing so.

Headphone jack. The jack is protected, but I had to whittle away at a 3.5mm car adapter cord to hook it up to my auxilary port due to the port protection. The adapter cord was a bit thicker than a regular headphone cord. My headphones had no problem getting in and out though this could be an issue with certain sets of headphones.

Possible heat issues. Mind you, my phone is OC'ed and I was having issues with SetCPU, my phone stuttered during a game of Angry Birds. However, this may just be my phone. Probably need to look into this more.

Power button. While all the ports and buttons are accessible, I've been having difficulty pressing the power button. It isn't that hard to press, but I've helped mitigate it by activating trackball wake.

Some additional things worth mentioning... the "membrane" gives the screen and almost resistive-like feel. If you've used a newer resistive touch screen you'll know what I mean, but there is little difficulty with using the screen. I found it just a bit more difficult to get at the edges of the screen.

The important elements of the phone (camera, mic, second mic, speaker, charging light, light and proximity sensor are all free of obstruction and work excellently.

The case does add some weight and thickness, but not much more than what I was used to carrying my phone in the pouch that the N1 came with.

Any comments or questions feel free to shoot away...
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Hmmmz, the heat is a bit of a concern to me. After all, high temperatures can deteriorate hardware components so much faster then normal use. And for me angry birds doesn't even seem that processor intensive. I get nearly no heat compared to some other games.
I'd appreciate a follow-up on that if you find out more :)
Alright, little more work with it today. Heat issue I think was just a personal screw-up. Re-did a ROM and played Angry Birds again for a bit and noticed no real temperature increase. As for the pictures:

Phone without case:

Belt Clip:

Rubber Cover:

Rear half of plastic case:

Front half of plastic case showing "membrane":

Phone in plastic case without rubber sheath:

Rubber and plastic case together:

Belt clip, rubber, and plastic, rear:

Full view of phone in case with all pieces:

I apologize for the quality of the pictures if they are blurry, overexposed, or grainy. I need to get a new camera so I had to use my girl's 3G Slide for the pictures. Hopefully in the future I will have a video camera I can do a video of this.