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A rom that just works

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by oneG, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. oneG

    Thread Starter

    Everytime i flash a different rom to fix a bug or error from that last, i run into another problem thats specific to that rom....are there any other builds besides Stock that have everything working with no hiccups? i almost sold my admire today if it wasnt for CM7.2 giving me phone.apk freezes and the home button wouldnt work...so i flashed Admiral Beast 4 which gave me a weird boot-up freeze...home button is working now but wifi didnt work...updated to 5.3 (the latest) and the wifi issue is still there....cant sell a phone with missing or broken features

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  2. KageBeast

    KageBeast Android Expert

    Well for 5.3 he did say if you have data/wifi issues then you should flash stock++ first then flash monster 5.3 over it. And all roms work. I know cause i've flashed the majority of them. You might be doing something wrong.
  3. oneG

    Thread Starter

    cant flash stock++...the link is jacked....saying its no longer there or deleted of bad link or something....any mirrors
  4. I pm'd you
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  5. oneG

    Thread Starter

    Most appreciated my friend
  6. oneG

    Thread Starter

    well...i flashed stock++ and then Admiral Beast and now its stuck at the Samsung screen and hasnt moved for 30mins...what am i doing wrong?

    any more suggestions for problem-free roms?
  7. KageBeast

    KageBeast Android Expert

    what cwm do you have installed? Did you wipe before you installed stock++?
  8. oneG

    Thread Starter

    the one that came with CM7.2.... RC1-requisite0 BETA2
  9. KageBeast

    KageBeast Android Expert

    ok and did you wipe before installing stock++?
  10. oneG

    Thread Starter

    of course....everytime...

    EDIT: but not after stock++
  11. KageBeast

    KageBeast Android Expert

    Well you don't have to wipe after installing it. But can you run just stock++ without any problems?
  12. oneG

    Thread Starter

    yeah lol....i know...i been flashing roms for a REAL LONG TIME (since Dec 09..the OG1 days)...but thanks for that tidbit of info, hopefully its useful for some uninformed noob ;)

    But yeah stock++ went smooth...no speedbumps...its Admiral beast thats giving my headaches
  13. KageBeast

    KageBeast Android Expert

    Eh i never flashed beast so I don't know if there are any problems with it lol
  14. oneG

    Thread Starter

    my fault...i meant monster 5.3
  15. EricJoneckis

    EricJoneckis Well-Known Member

    Redownload and Reflash
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  16. andriodadmirer

    andriodadmirer Android Enthusiast

    ok what im running is i took monster oc 5.3 extracted it in root explorer and also monsteria ++ extracted it took the bin, framework and ect files from it and replaced the monster 5.3 files with thoses them ziped it back up went to cwm and flashed reqs cr7 kernal first then reboot recovery then flashed the 900 oc kernal the the rom i pieced together its a cool mix of both roms no bugs and as long as you log in gmail then go to store log in and them let sit to let dalvic build up everything works and it flies and i mean this thing is fast even when i have 1x it flies the same then once its in your phone just use root explorer to delete any bloatware and apps you dont want so you gain the extra internal memory you need tell me how it goes
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  17. Well, let me ask this one small question, have you flashed Sue's recovery lately?
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  18. oneG

    Thread Starter

  19. oneG

    Thread Starter

    Im so tired of this damned Admire....now stock++ wont let me download apps from the market...I cleared cache and data and it still doesnt work....Everytime i find a rom i like, something ends up not working....

    Where are the problem-free ROMS???
  20. oneG

    Thread Starter

    Does it require that Sue Recovery...cuz i just Odin'd and flashed another ROM but its still on Stock++ and i dont wanna dl the one above if its still gonna be Stock++...

    What roms work for and which work for
    most importantly how do i get rid of the old to flash the new
  21. Spz0

    Spz0 Android Expert

    My ROM is not stock++. Its 2.3.6. Its uses my own OC kernel, and cwm to install. every file is listed in my OP thread (listed in the above post), including how to revert if you want to go back to cwm5.0.2.7.
  22. oneG

    Thread Starter

    yeah now im having trouble getting back to such a headache...the CWM thread isnt helping because my PDA button wont highlight to allow me to add the tar file...One Package is lit but thats not what the thread calls for

    EDIT: im good now...OpenAndroid is running like a champ
  23. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles

    Hey guys, I deleted a number of posts here. I just wanted to remind everyone to keep things civil. Whether you think someone else starts it or not, there is no excuse for members to be attacking each other.

    Use the [​IMG] button, and let us look into it. Realize that this can take some time so don't react because we're busy with other things, just be patient.

    People are allowed to complain, and people are allowed to respond to the complaints as long as we keep it cordial. And remember the more details you can give, the better chance of fixing problems. ;)

    Consider this a warning to everyone. If there's any more of what has been removed we will look into some cool off time for those involved.
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  24. oneG

    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the sweep

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