Help A simple question, how to search my Note?


I cannot find how to search on my Galaxy note. I need to find some files (.wmv) and don't know how to search for them!
I have installed the Google search but that just looks on the internet, I can't find any menu to do otherwise.
Please help a frustrated newbie who knows PC's inside out but cannot work out Android!


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Here are 2 ways that I know of...

Download a file manager app.. Example : estrong.

Plug the phone to your PC.. Attach it like a flash drive. Use the file manager on your computer to search


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Every android device will come with a file manager. i believe on the note it is called my files. it should be on your homescreen. if not then it will be in your app drawer. but like danny boy above suggested ES File Explorer is a great file manager to use. plus its free!!!!