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A slew of questions and curiosities for a new member of the Android community

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Azander137, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Azander137

    Azander137 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello everybody! I'm brand new around here just having gotten a Moto Droid X yesterday. I've loving nearly everything about it so far but there are still a few questions I have about getting everything working they way I'd like. You all seem pretty friendly so I guess I'll just list off my questions below! :]

    (I don't expect everyone to answer every question I have, nor everyone to read every question I have listed, so even if you can answer a question or two, that'd be helpful!)

    1. Being a blackberry user for the last year or so I suppose I have gotten quite spoiled with my instant facebook and twitter notifications. I have yet to find an app that gives me the same kind of support, notifying me outside of each program whenever I get a facebook notification/update (or tweet). I'm only able to see my updates when I go into the program and check for myself, rather than being notified like a txt message. Are there any apps that can do this for me? What do you guys use?

    2. I love the ease that Android provides when uploading pictures to facebook directly from my camera. Are there any ways/apps that will allow me to tag my friends in a picture as I'm uploading it? (This was another feature I was spoiled with using my blackberry lol)

    3. Aside form the basic txting software that come with the Android system, what is you're favorite app for SMS/MMS?

    4.a. A buddy of my suggested installing the app Handcent, and I've been using it the entire time I've had my phone. If I continue using this app for my txts, there is one issue I'd like to address. Whenever I get a "quick reply" option to respond directly to a txt, I often cannot turn my phone to type with the landscape option. I think I've noticed it turning for me a few times, so maybe this is just the app glitching up. Does anyone have any advice, or experience with this?
    4.b. I've also had some trouble sending single pictures to multiple people. Don't know if this is a problem with handcent or not... going to try to do it with the regular txt software. Any one know what I'm talking about?

    5. Is there a way, or an app that allows me to assign specific "ringtones" for when a certain contact txts me? Or course I have no problem assigning ringtones for when a specific contact is calling, I was just wondering if there was a way to do the same thing when receiving txts from a contact.

    6.a. I've heard people say this is one of Androids only/major flaws, but I can't seem to keep apps closed that I'm not using. Of course I have been using task killer and it works great, but moments later I always find a slew of apps open that I have not used or opened, and I need to use task killer again. Is there a way to keep apps form doing this? I've been trying Auto Kill, but it doesn't seem to be doing the job... I sure wish thing just wouldn't open unless I used them.
    6.b.If there's no way around this, my curiosity will get the best of me. Why is Android/Android apps programmed in such a way that they open up by their selves when not being used?

    7. I've begun using tTorrent and I know that if I want to use it I either need to be using WiFi or 4G. My question is, at any point in the future with any sort of OS upgrade, or network upgrade, will I beable to utilize 4G coverage with my Droid X? I'm know quite little when it comes to this kind of information.

    8. Before I became an Android user, I guess I kinda just assumed there would be a Netflix app that would allow me to stream videos right to my phone. I've heard that this is a work in the process, but does anyone know when this will become available to us?

    Thank you so much in advance for all the help! I'm loving the Android community so far, and can't wait to get more involved with everyone here. Thanks!


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  2. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Android Expert

    6a: Get rid of the task killer. :)

    You're thinking like a BB owner... I should know.

    Your X doesn't need it; Android/Linux handles apps differently than BB does. In fact, that task killer may do more harm than good.

    Don't worry too much about the running apps, especially if everything is working correctly.
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  3. Azander137

    Azander137 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Really? Interesting :]

    Why is that? Is it just somehow that thing in the background won't be killing my battery? What are you thought on the app Juice Defender (if you've had experience with it)? I've got it running, but I'm not sure exactly what its doing for me, and if its effective in saving battery life. Having a poor quality battery has always been a pet peeve of mine, so I guess I've just preemptively been taking steps to save battery.
  4. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Android Expert

    I don't use Juice Defender, but a couple people I respect on the forum do, so I would consider it a good product.

    By default, a task killer is "always on" and scanning. It could use more battery than it saves. IMHO, they may have been useful in earlier iterations of Android. Now, newer builds are more efficient with resources.

    I'm not saying that running apps don't consume battery; I do think you'll make bigger gains by following the instructions in battery tweak threads (stuff like manual syncs, wifi use vs 3G etc.).
  5. Epicurean

    Epicurean Android Enthusiast

    Welcome to Android, Azander. As a former BlackBerry user myself, I can assure you that you won't even be thinking about your ol' BB in a couple of weeks ;-)

    1. Yes the Android Facebook app isn't as good as the iPhone or BlackBerry, but we've had some recent updates and it is much better than it was a year ago.

    2. See #1

    3. Handcent

    4a. I don't have those issues with Epic 4G (has a keyboard that puts the phone in landscape mode when you slide it open)

    4b. When composing a message, 1st press the new message icon at top left (not one of your contacts), then press the plus sign at top right and select all the contacts you want.

    5. I don't know

    6a. I use Startup Auditor. It keeps carrier/bloatware from starting and other apps from staying alive after you close it.

    Startup Auditor Free - Android app on AppBrain
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  6. wayrad

    wayrad Android Expert

    Most of those "running" apps are just loaded into memory and sitting quietly in the background without consuming any battery. Just let Android do its thing and your phone will r un better. :)
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  7. pool_shark

    pool_shark Android Expert

    5. Handcent allows you to set tones for specific contacts. Start composing a txt for that contact, hit the icon in the top right corner. From there you can set tones, background pics, etc.

    6. The reason why task killers are bad is because the OS restarts certain apps. If you have task killer running, it will kill the app every time the OS restarts it meaning your task killer is constantly working, which is killing your battery.
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  8. Azander137

    Azander137 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Awesome, well thanks for all the help and info! I guess I'll go ahead and get rid of my task killer... but then isn't Startup Auditor (Someone above recommended this app) kind of doing the same? Also does anyone have more insight on Juice Defender?
  9. Epicurean

    Epicurean Android Enthusiast

    Startup Auditor allows u to focus on a particular app that u don't want to start (like Sprint Football)
  10. Rob.G

    Rob.G Android Enthusiast

    Juice Defender does a pretty decent job of managing when your connections (Wifi, 3G, etc.) are allowed to be active. Although I use Tasker as a means of doing basically the same thing because it can do more than JD can.

    I also agree with the others when saying to stop using a task killer, the apps are basically loaded into memory, like a cache, but they are not using any battery unless you actually use them.

    The only way to actually get rid of them is to root your phone and remove them with adb or Titanium. But that is for further down the road when you are more accustomed to your phone and are fed up with it telling you what it can't do :)

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