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Tips A Small Help for All* Windows Versions

Discussion in 'Computers' started by rootabaga, Aug 29, 2017.

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    Aug 11, 2014

    Aug 11, 2014
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    Hi, folks.

    I've been adding these two tweaks to my Windows PCs for years. It works on everything beginning (at least) with XP, and it works on Servers as well, though you usually don't have much call to be copying/moving files and folders on servers, at least not through the Explorer GUI, you won't generally find "tweaking a server registry" as a Best Practice entry in the IT handbook. ;)
    • What the tweaks do: Adds "Move To Folder" and "Copy To Folder" options to the "drop-down" context menus when you right click a file or folder in the Windows Explorer GUI (see screen clip on last page of attachment)
    • What it requires: basic knowledge of how to edit the Windows Registry
    • Why should I do this? Basically it simplifies copying and moving folders and files, and the option will also give you the menu to create a new folder in the target (destination)
    • Dangers: If you screw up the registry, you could have a VERY long night; best practice says to back up the registry before you begin.
    • Did I create this? Well, no. I found pieces of it online and compiled it into what you'll find attached. It's as user-friendly and goof-proof as I could make it. If you read through it and are scared of it, then don't do it, it's that simple.
    • How do I go back if I don't like it? Easy: delete the two registry keys you created.
    • DISCLAIMER/NOTE: Proceed at your own risk. You break it, well, you assumed the risk. I will add that I've done this tweak on every Windows OS-based PC and Notebook I've owned (including the ones at work) for about fifteen years and have done it on lots and lots of friends' Windows computers over the years, with no issues whatsoever. All versions (well, at least XP on, I didn't try it on Win2K or older, but it should work on those as well), all flavors, 32-bit, 64-bit, AMD/Intel, doesn't matter.

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