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A Summary of explanations about your new, shiny, admire (and Metro in general)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Yawa, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Yawa

    Yawa Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Does Metropcs have legitimate 3G?

    Yes, surprisingly. Recently some markets were having a horrible time adjusting to just how many Metro customer's were switching their phones over to androids.

    Y'see kids,the problem started when people realized how affordable, and downright awesome the LG Optimus M was for a carrier that had offered nothing but fake looking, non-smart, smartphones. At the exact same time other, far less intelligent Metro customers were not realizing how awful, and patchworked the Huawei Ascend was as a phone, and instead were buying it because their was variation of this phone with the word "Tapout" in the title.

    Because of this overload of people who had never used a smartphone before, Metro's horrifically slow and spotty 2G coverage became, more horrifically slow way ahead of schedule. To the point where certain markets couldn't get data going for days.

    Because of this Metro quietly (at first anyway) began rolling out PRL 3020, in their busiest markets, with full blown uncapped 3G. This uncapped 3G was rivaling Metro's 4G LTE speeds, so then most of those markets were capped to about 200K. If you happen to live in one of those markets, your data, even capped at 200K, is way smoother and quicker than the standard Metro 2G.

    Can I get 4G with this phone?


    Can I ever get 4G with this phone?


    The Metro dealer who sold me this phone told me I could get 4G with this phone...

    The Metro dealer who sold you this phone probably didn't even bother to program your phone properly as it is, not just because he was lazy, but most likely because he doesn't know how. Don't listen to Metro dealer's, they aren't even real people.

    Can we root/custom rom/custom kernel/CWM/overclock this phone?

    Anything is possible, however your phone is new, and so far your phone doesn't seem to be garnering much interest from dev's. That should change in time, so just hang on.

    Can I flash _______ (phone's) custom rom/kernel/cwm/aioroot to my Samsung Admire?

    If you have to ask that question, you don't know enough about flashing to be flashing this stuff unless told too by an expert. Your phone is, to say the least, in a unique situation. You have gingerbread.

    Because you have gingerbread, you should not be running around idly flashing and/or trying things to unlock your phone that have worked on other phones. Most of those phones you got your rom's from did not ship with gingerbread, and therefore will do nothing but soft brick your phone.

    Whine, beg, and most importantly ask for help. Every person's dev community has to go through this in the beginning, and you people are no different.

    That's it for starters. Enjoy your phones for now, and know that help is coming at some point. Feel free to ask questions if need be.

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  2. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Android Expert

    I happen to be an ascend owner. I bought the admire today after buying the optimus m.

    I have to say, I honestly liked the ascend better than the optimus. First off I had no hardware issues like all three times my optimus wifi broke and I had it replaced.
    I have other reasons but lets not get into that....

    As for the info on the phone promised in the thread title....

    Some of the things I have noticed about the admire,

    The little dot to the left of your earpiece is a light sensor. I'm not sure but I think the one above my be some other sensor.
    This comes in handy with screen brightness (using the power control widget I set the screen brightness to auto) and some apps use it for carousel reasons
  3. phillybirds

    phillybirds Newbie

    Just to let you know some of them ARE real people. I happen to be one of them. I never lie to my customers. Why would I want the hassle of someone coming back asking why this or that isn't working? I help every customer and have never been seen as a fraud. I know there are plenty of lazy and useless dealers, but I for one, am not. I'll tell you the truth and if you decide to go somewhere else so be it. But there ARE some of us who do care.
  4. Baek215

    Baek215 Member

    I also work at Metropcs, and I can't talk for all stores because we get a lot of complaints about other stores, but at our store, we help out the customers and don't lie to them. We even help people set up their Gmails if they don't know how to do it.
  5. DarkFalcon

    DarkFalcon Newbie

    The store I went to was very helpful and setup my phone for me as well.

    I am very please with how helpful and easy to work with they were.
  6. tvis

    tvis Newbie

    the other is a proximity sensor.
  7. maxroach

    maxroach Newbie

    :D THAT made me laugh out loud.

    All the metro store's I've been to have been very helpful, however when I recently called because I had no idea what my passnumber was, I'm pretty sure the lady instantly reverted to a "you are a thief" tone of voice. :p

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